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Installation and configuration

Files can be linked against your system using /scripts/

  • WARNING This script removes files from your computer. Read it before using!
  • WARNING Better way to make use of those dotfiles is to go through next section and use only the parts suiting you.

Main contents

  • i3: Backbone of the system, movement, windows, tiling etc. Configuration of scratchpads integrated with rofi (things like Facebook's messenger, Slack, GMail or Protonmail).
  • polybar: Configures look of the top bar (bar notifications, sound, date, network, bluetooth etc.). Includes scripts for system/daemons monitoring and other useful stuff.
  • rofi: One launcher to rule them all! Control your network and bluetooth, search the web or read books using it.
  • neovim: Well-divided set of plugins and configuration files focused on Python's Data Science/Machine Learning. See demo for capabilities presentation.
  • tmux: Terminal multiplexer and bottom bar. Creating new projects, sending notifications when environment is saved etc.
  • scripts: Command running, improved mv function, some daemons of FZF based package searcher. Various utilities scripts, you should find those really useful.

Read project's wiki pages to benefit from those config files.

Some UNIX proficiency is required in order to use this configuration.


Thanks to any developer whose work brought this system to life. This repository contains many WIP projects and errors, if you see any (or want to contribute/suggest something interesting), do not hesitate to open PR.

Lastly, if you like/made use of anything from this repository, a star would be nice 😍

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