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Dotfiles managed by chezmoi and pass.
Work only on distro linux including the installer: ( tested on a fresh install of Gentoo, Archlinux, Void and Debian )

  • emerge: Gentoo, Pentoo, Funtoo.
  • pacman: Archlinux, Manjaro, Antergos, ArchBang,...
  • apt-get: Debian, Kali, etc...
  • xbps-install: Voidlinux. Tested on a clean install of the rootfs-glibc and rootfs-musl.

Why i switch on chezmoi?

  • Even with GNU/Stow, i have to modify a lot of files each time i install/reinstall a new system, i start hating this !
  • Template are great.
  • Possibility of encrypt files.
  • Install and updates are easy.

Table of contents


Lines Sci Miami


name WTF Notes
alsa Audio Driver Can be change in the config file if you prefer pulseaudio
awesome Window Manager Configs recreate from scratch
brave, firefox Web Browser Brave with alsa, Firefox with pulseaudio (except for Voidlinux)
feh Image Viewer
i3lock-color Lock Screen for now, maybe betterlockscreen later
lightdm Display Manager (lightdm-gtk-greeter)
mpd Music Player Daemon With ncmpcpp, mpc
mpv Video Player
neomutt Email Reader with fdm and msmtp, customized from sheoak
picom Compositor Replacement for compton
scrot Screen Capture
tmux Terminal multiplexer
vifm File Manager With image preview, customized from sdushantha
vim, emacs Editors I use the both
weechat IRC client
xst Terminal
zathura PDF/Epub viewer
zsh Shell Plugins: oh-my-zsh and spaceship-prompt


You need to install chezmoi with additionnal packages (sudo git vim).
With emerge (gentoo):

# emerge -av sudo dev-vcs/git vim
$ curl -sfL | sh

With pacman (arch,...):

# pacman -S chezmoi sudo git vim

With apt-get (debian,...)

# apt-get install sudo git vim
# wget -cv
$ sudo dpkg -i chezmoi_2.9.4_linux_amd64.deb

For voidlinux:

# xbps-install chezmoi git sudo

sudo, your user should have permission to install packages:

# EDITOR="vim" visudo
<username> ALL=(ALL) ALL

If you have create your first user recently (via: useradd -m -G users,wheel,audio,video <username>), logout and back to initialize his environment correctly.


Only 4 little steps here

Clone this repo

$ chezmoi init


Edit the config file with your favorite text editor.

$ EDITOR="vim" chezmoi edit-config

You can change for example in data.system:

  sound = "pulseaudio"

It will install firefox rather than brave-bin and modify a lot of things during the install.


apply will install all the dependencies and add files to your $HOME.

$ chezmoi diff
$ chezmoi apply


From time to time, start the update simply with:

$ chezmoi update

Final settings

If you have not yet configure X, change the keyboard layout like this:

$ localectl list-x11-keymap-layouts | grep fr
$ sudo localectl set-x11-keymap fr

For emacs, when the installation is terminated, you have to manually install the package all-the-icons like this, start emacs and:

M-x all-the-icons-install-fonts

Left Over


For any questions, comments, feedback or issues, submit a new issue.


Any support are greatly appreciated, star the repo, offer me a coffee... thanks you!
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