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Xactor is a rust actors framework based on async-std



  • Async actors.
  • Actor communication in a local context.
  • Using Futures for asynchronous message handling.
  • Typed messages (No Any type). Generic messages are allowed.


use xactor::*;

#[message(result = "String")]
struct ToUppercase(String);

struct MyActor;

impl Actor for MyActor {}

impl Handler<ToUppercase> for MyActor {
    async fn handle(&mut self, _ctx: &mut Context<Self>, msg: ToUppercase) -> String {

async fn main() -> Result<()> {
    // Start actor and get its address
    let mut addr = MyActor.start().await?;

    // Send message `ToUppercase` to actor via addr
    let res ="lowercase".to_string())).await?;
    assert_eq!(res, "LOWERCASE");



Xactor requires async-trait on userland.

With cargo add installed, run:

$ cargo add xactor
$ cargo add async-trait

We also provide the tokio runtime instead of async-std. To use it, you need to activate runtime-tokio and disable default features.

You can edit your Cargo.toml as follows:

xactor = { version = "x.x.x", features = ["runtime-tokio"], default-features = false }


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