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A fast and minimalist web framework based on OpenResty.

local lor = require("lor.index")
local app = lor()

app:get("/", function(req, res, next)
    res:send("hello world!")




  1. shell
git clone
cd lor
make install

LOR_HOME and LORD_BIN are supported by Makefile, so the following command could be used to customize installation:

make install LOR_HOME=/path/to/lor LORD_BIN=/path/to/lord
  1. opm

opm install is supported from v0.2.2.

opm install sumory/lor

lord cli is not supported with this installation.

  1. homebrew

you can use homebrew-lor on Mac OSX.

$ brew tap syhily/lor
$ brew install lor


  • Routing like Sinatra which is a famous Ruby framework
  • Similar API with Express, good experience for Node.js or Javascript developers
  • Middleware support
  • Group router support
  • Session/Cookie/Views supported and could be redefined with Middleware
  • Easy to build HTTP APIs, web site, or single page applications

Docs & Community

Quick Start

A quick way to get started with lor is to utilize the executable cli tool lord to generate an scaffold application.

lord is installed with lor framework. it looks like:

$ lord -h
lor ${version}, a Lua web framework based on OpenResty.


 new [name]             Create a new application
 start                  Starts the server
 stop                   Stops the server
 restart                Restart the server
 version                Show version of lor
 help                   Show help tips

Create app:

$ lord new lor_demo

Start server:

$ cd lor_demo && lord start

Visit http://localhost:8888.


Install busted, then run test

busted spec/*

Homebrew maintained by @syhily




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