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IEEE Paper Template for Pandoc

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sudo apt update
sudo apt install pandoc pandoc-citeproc texlive-full


sudo dnf install pandoc pandoc-citeproc texlive-scheme-full

Quick Start Guide

  • Clone or download this repo.
  • Put all your paper content in
  • Change the title and author in metadata.yaml.
  • Run make in a terminal.
  • The pdf will be on build/paper.pdf.


File Description
metadata.yml On this file put all your metadata (author, title, abstract, etc) that will be use for rendering the final pdf. Here you put all your paper content, if you wish, you could put your content on separate files, but you must edit the makefile.
bibliography.bib Here put all the bibliography that is used in the paper.
bibliography.csl This file is for specify to pandoc how to display the cites (ieee format).
template.latex It is used to tell pandoc how to render the paper using the metadata and content of your paper.
makefile It is used to compile the pdf, usually the default options are fine.
build/ On this directory will be final pdf. Make sure to add this to your .gitignore file if you are using git.

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