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A OneNote add-in with powerful yet simple and effective features. See the project wiki for full details. Meanwhile, here's some pleasant reading material...

How do I Install OneMore?

There are full instructions here.


Some of the OneMore menus The OneMore Calendar
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Features (161)

Want more from OneMore? OneMore has more...

Clean commands (13)

  • Change spacing between sentences to one or two spaces
  • Clear background color and reset text color of selected text
  • Remove author/citation information from paragraphs
  • Remove duplicate and empty pages
  • Remove pasted screen clipping and URL citation lines from page
  • Remove empty headers and "extra" empty lines between paragraphs
  • Remove ink annotations from the current page
  • Remove spacing between paragraphs and headings
  • Remove tags from the current page, those not associated with reminders
  • Restore Container Size Auto Widths
  • Show/Hide the page date and time stamps under the title on page or all pages in section
  • Trim leading whitespace from selected text
  • Trim trailing whitespace from selected text

Custom Styles (6)

  • Apply custom styles to selected text
  • Load a custom theme of styles, user-defined and some provided with OneMore
  • Edit custom style themes
  • Create new styles based on the selected text
  • Apply an entire theme to a page
  • Change page theme inluding background and styles, optioanally with dark-mode awareness

File Commands (5)

  • Import MSWord, PowerPoint, Markdown and others into the current page or a new page
  • Import a Web page from a specified URL
  • Import hyperlinks on the current page as separate sub-pages
  • Export the current page or selected pages as HTML, PDF, MSWord, Markdown, or as raw OneNote XML
  • Invoke an external custom plugin to process a page

Edit Commands (16)

  • Colorize selected text as a chosen programming language - syntax highlighting
  • Copy page or selected content as markdown that can then be pastde into another application
  • Set proofing language of selected text to one of the installed Office proofing languages
  • Highlight selected text using a rotating array of colors (Ctrl + Shift + H)
  • Paste Rich Text (preserve colors when pasting code from Visual Studio)1 (Ctrl + Alt + V)
  • Enabled spell-checking on the current page, resets to the current culture language
  • Disable spell-check on the current page (F4)
  • Change selected text to UPPERCASE (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+U), lowercase (Ctrl+Shift+U), Or Title Case
  • Increase (Ctrl+Alt+Plus) or Decrease (Ctrl+Alt+Minus) the font size of all content on the current page
  • Invert text selection
  • Join Paragraph to remove soft-breaks and join lines into a single flowing paragraph
  • Select all images on the page
  • Select all text on a page with similar formatting to the currently selected text
  • Sort bulleted or numbered lists alphabetically

Favorites and Custom Snippets (5)

  • Add any page in OneNote to the Favorites menu for quick access
  • Sort or reorder favorites using the Favorites Manager
  • Save and reuse custom snippets of content anywhere on any page
  • Quick access to user-defined plugins
  • Add a link to a special page containing all OneNote and OneMore keyboard shortcuts

Image commands (5)

  • Add caption to a selected images
  • Apply a variety of adjustment to an image including brightness, contrast, opacity, saturation, and stylizations like grayscale, sepia, and Polaroid
  • Precisely crop a selected image
  • Resize a selected image or all images on the page
  • Rotate an image to any angle

Numbering commands (5)

  • Number page headings with numeric or alpha-numeric outline prefixes
  • Number all sections in the current notebook
  • Number all pages in the current section with numeric or alpha-numeric prefixes
  • Remove numbering from sections
  • Remove numbering from pages

Page Commands (14)

  • Arrange containers vertically or in columns
  • Add caption to selected file attachments on the page
  • Add special icon to the page title, also appears in page hierarchy
  • Create Pages from a list, table, or spreadsheet of names
  • Copy formatted hyperlink to page
  • Copy formatted hyperlink to paragraph
  • Duplicate the current page
  • Expand or Collapse indented outlines, save and restore outlining
  • Fit background grid spacing to most common text size
  • Merge pages, preserving formatting and position of outlines
  • Split current page into multiple pages
  • Report number of words on the page or in the selected region

Reference Commands (15)

  • Insert a new footnote (endnote) at the current location (Ctrl + Alt + F)
  • Remove a footnote from either the label or from the footer description (Ctrl + Shift + F)
  • Copy link to page or link to paragraph; will paste as a breadcrumb
  • Create bidirectional links between pages or paragraphs on a page
  • Embed the contents of one page into the current pages
  • Insert QR code representation of selected text
  • Map Linked Pages to report all pages that link to other pages
  • Link to current page from other pages that reference this page title
  • Refresh text of hyperlinks back to this page based on its title
  • Replace hyperlinked URLs with their Web page titles
  • Replace hyperlinked URLs with their downloaded images

Reminder commands (6)

  • Add or update a reminder for any paragraph on a page (F8)
  • Mark the selected reminder as completed
  • Delete the seleted reminder
  • Generate a detailed report of all reminders and their status
  • Import Tasks from Outlook
  • Toggle strikethrough text next to all completed/incompleted tags

Search commands (4)

  • Search and replace text on the current page (Ctrl + H)
  • Search for keywords and copy or move selected pages (Alt + F)
  • Add arbitrary tags to a page (Alt + T)
  • Search arbitrary page tags to index, copy, or move selected pages (Ctrl + Alt + T)

Snippets commands (18)

  • Expand custom snippet from name (Alt + F3)
  • Insert single (Shift + Alt + F11) or double (Shift + Alt + F12) horizontal line
  • Insert breadcrumb at top of page
  • Insert Table of Contents of headers, pages, or sections
  • Insert small or large monthly calendar for a specific month
  • Insert sortable date, similar to 2020-12-23 (Ctrl + Shift + D)
  • Insert sortable date/time (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + D)
  • Insert a text box, a single-cell table, and optionally wrap selecting content
  • Insert Code box similar to Confluence Code macro, optionally wrap selected content (F6)
  • Insert Info/Warn boxes similar to Confluence Info and Warn macros
  • Insert collapsable sections to hide secondary or sensitive information
  • Insert status labels similar to the Confluence status macro

Table commands (12)

  • Calculate Excel-like formulas in tables (F5)
  • Apply or clear styling in tables, including cell shading and fonts
  • Create your own custom table styles
  • Delete formula from selected table cells
  • Highlight all cells on the page with custom formulas
  • Recalculate all formulas in selected tables on the page (Shift + F5)
  • Convert select text to a table
  • Insert Table Cells, shifting content as expected
  • Paste copied table cells by overlaying cells rather than inserting a nested table
  • Copy across and copy down to fill all or selected cells with a copy of a cell
  • Fill across and fill down (Ctrl + D) to fill all or selected cells with increment values
  • Split table

Extra commands (11)

  • Generate a report of the size of notebooks, section, pages, and image and file attachments on pages
  • Collapse the page hierarchy to see only top-level pages
  • Prepend page titles with the created date of each page
  • Insert pronunciation of words from over a dozen languages
  • Sort pages, sections, or notebooks
  • Start and display a visual timer (Alt + F2) and insert the timer value (F2)

Main Menu (5)

  • Run OneMore Calendar
  • Replay the last OneMore action with a quick keyboard shortcut (Alt + Shift + R)
  • View and edit the internal OneNote XML of the current page (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + X)
  • Edit OneMore settings
  • Check for updates and install upgrades on-demand

Context Menus

  • Notebook context menu
    • Archive the entire notebook to a zip of HTML files, including all images and attachments
    • Number the sections in the notebook
    • Remove section numbering
  • Section context menu
    • Add the section to the Favorites menu
    • Archive the entire section to a zip of HTML files, including all images and attachments
    • Prefix all page titles with a date stamp representing the data the page was created
    • Customize the tab color of sections beyond the set of colors provided by OneNote
  • Section Group context menu
    • Copy section group and its entire contents to another location (OneNote only has a move command)
  • Page context menu
    • Export the page as HTML, PDF, Word, XML, or a .one file
    • Merge two or more selected pages into one page
    • Split the current page on Heading 1 boundaries or other options
    • Click in a blank area of the Pages panel to add or remove page numbering
  • Image context menu
    • Add a centered caption to the image
    • Crop and rotate the image
    • Resize the image

How to Install OneMore as an Administrator

The OneMore installer requires admin rights to complete configuration and update the Windows Registry. If your account has admin rights then follow these steps:

Please note that I currently cannot support OneMore with Microsoft Office Insider or Beta builds. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. If I have an opportunity to access these special channels, I will update this notice.

  1. Close OneNote if it is currently running (See below if you need to install OneNote)
  2. Download the latest installer from here
    • Use the x86 installer only if you are running on a 32-bit Windows machine; it has nothing to do with the bitness of Office itself.
    • Use the x64 installer when running on a 64-bit Windows machine for either 32-bit or 64-bit Office.
  3. Right-click the downloaded installer msi and choose Properties, then tick the Unblock box and click OK
  4. Run the installer
    • If you're currently logged in as a user with admin rights and this is the account with which you will use OneMore then you will be able to start OneNote immediately.
    • Other users on the system will experience a slight delay the first time they log in after OneMore is installed while settings are applied to their accounts. This only occurs once.
    • If you're currently logged in as a user without admin rights, you can install OneMore if you have the user name and password of an account with admin rights. See below for further instructions.
  5. Run OneNote and enjoy

How to Install OneMore as a Normal User

If you have the user name and password of an account with admin rights, you can run the OneMore installer from your current account using this command entered from a console window:

runas /user:<username> "msiexec.exe /i <path-to-installer>"

where <username> is the user name of an account with admin rights and <path-to-installer> is the full path to the OneMore installer .msi file

You wil be prompted for the password of the admin user. The installation will continue.

You must sign out and then sign in again before you will see OneMore in the OneNote ribbon.

How to Upgrade OneMore

The OneMore installer is built such that it can be installed on top of an older version and will effectively perform an upgrade. This is the preferred method and can be done in one of two ways:

  1. Open the OneMore About dialog and click Check for updates. If there is a new version available, you will be given the option of upgrading. OneNote will be shut down to perform the upgrade.
  2. Or, download the OneMore installer and run it. There is no need to uninstall the previous version; the new installer will simply overwrite the old files and upgrade OneMore. Note that when you download the installer, you will need to unblock it by opening its Properties dialog and clicking the Unblock checkbox.

How to Install OneNote

OneNote can be installed after installing Office or even installed standalone without Office at all.

  1. Optionally install Office - do not run the Setup.exe; instead, run Office\Setup64.exe
    • Download the OneNote installer, OfficeSetup.exe from here
    • If run standalone, it will install 32-bit OneNote
    • If run after installing Office, it will install 32 or 64 bit based on the bitness of Office
  2. Download the standalone OneNote installer (does not require Office or can be installed ontop of Office)
    • The standalone OneNote 64-bit installer is here
    • The standalone OneNote 32-bit installer is here

Note that Microsoft has changed its OneNote strategy. Instead of promoting the OneNote for Windows 10 app, which sucks in my opinion, they are now working on combining the best features from that app into a new desktop edition, hopefully to be released in 2022.


OneMore is translated to Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish. Please let me know if you'd like it translated to another language. I use my ResxTranslator program to automate the translations but can also override inaccuracies of specific words and phrases. If you think a translation is not correct, again please let me know.

OneMore in the Media and Online


I wanted something more than what OneNote provided. I was overwhelmed by OneNote Gem, aghast at its bloated useless overloads of what was already otherwise available or features that I would never use in a million years - and, oh yeah, that price! I admit I was intrigued by the Onetastic Macro approach but thought it limited and obtuse, decipherable only by programmers. And both of these charge money for something that should be open source and neither provided exactly what I wanted. So I did what any self respecting software engineer would do... I built my own.

Please Support
I do this as a hobby. I will never charge you to use OneMore. So it is with great humility and appreciation that I humbly request that you consider a small donation to support the development of OneMore. In exchange, I pledge to continue listening with an open mind and to respond to your questions and tips in a timely manner.

Please consider a sponsorship or one-time donation, click here:


Developing OneMore

Are you programmer? Please feel free to explore the source code and have a play. See the Developer Notes page in the Wiki where I keep a list of technical references and information regarding developing and debugging this OneNote add-in. And mind the license.

Minimum Prerequisites And How To Configure Your Development Environment

  • Windows 10
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 including Visual Studio Tools for Office
  • Microsoft Windows 10 SDK
    • Required to reference the Windows.winmd meta file located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\UnionMetadata\10.0.version.0\Windows.winmd" where version is the version of the SDK you have installed, e.g. 19041. If your SDK has a different version then you must replace the Windows reference in OneMore.csproj
  • .NET Framework 4.8
  • Microsoft OneNote 2016 32-bit or 64-bit

Tested recently with:

  • Windows 11 Pro 21H2 22000.1098
  • Windows 11 SDK 10.0.22000.0
  • Visual Studio 2022 17.3.6
  • OneNote 2021 MSO (Version 2209 Build 16.0.15629.20200) 64-bit


  • Chinese - nuget, MIT license
    • Used by Word Count command for Chinese text
  • HtmlAgilityPack - nuget, MIT license
    • Normalizes HTML and non-conformant XML to well-formed XML that can be consumed by XElement.Parse
  • InputSimulator - nuget, MIT license
    • Replaces the use of SendKeys.Send, adding support for multilingual keyboards
  • Markdig.Signed - nuget. BSD-2 license
    • A fast, powerful, CommonMark compliant, extensible Markdown processor for .NET
  • Newtonsoft.Json - nuget, MIT license
    • Json.NET is a popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET
  • PlantUML.NET - nuget, MIT license
    • PlantUml.Net is a .Net wrapper for PlantUml

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