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A OneNote add-in with powerful yet simple and effective features.

See the project wiki for full details. Meanwhile, here's some pleasant reading material...

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Clean commands

  • Change spacing between sentences to one or two spaces
  • Remove author/citation information from paragraphs
  • Remove pasted screen clipping and URL citation lines from page
  • Remove empty headers and "extra" empty lines between paragraphs
  • Remove spacing between paragraphs and headings
  • Show/Hide the page date and time stamps under the title on page or all pages in section
  • Trim leading or trailing whitespace from selected text

Custom Styles

  • Manage custom style themes. Save, load separate themes
  • Apply custom styles to selected text
  • Apply an entire theme to a page
  • Change page background to any custom color with dark-mode awareness

Edit Commands

  • Colorize selected text as a chosen programming language - syntax highlighting
  • Disable spell-check on the current page (F4)
  • Paste Rich Text (preserve colors when pasting code from Visual Studio)1 (Ctrl+Alt+V)
  • Change selected text to UPPERCASE, lowercase, Or Title Case
  • Increase/Decrease the font size of all content on the current page
  • Highlight selected text using a rotating array of colors
  • Invert text selection
  • Expand or Collapse indented outlines
  • Join Paragraph to remove soft-breaks and join lines into a single flowing paragraph

Favorites and Custom Snippets

  • Add any page in OneNote to the Favorites menu for quick access
  • Sort or reorder favorites using the Favorites Manager
  • Save and reuse custom snippets of content anywhere on any page
  • Add a link to a special page containing all OneNote and OneMore keyboard shortcuts

Formula commands

  • Calculate Excel-like formulas in tables (F5)
  • Delete formula from selected table cells
  • Highlight all cells on the page with custom formulas
  • Recalculate all formulas in selected tables on the page (Shift + F5)

Image commands

  • Add caption to a selected images
  • Precisely crop a selected image
  • Resize a selected image or all images on the page

Numbering commands

  • Number page headings with numeric or alpha-numeric outline prefixes
  • Number all sections in the current notebook
  • Number all pages in the current section with numeric or alpha-numeric prefixes
  • Remove numbering from sections
  • Remove numbering from pages

Reference Commands

  • Insert a new footnote (endnote) at the current location
  • Remove a footnote from either the label or from the footer description
  • Map Linked Pages to report all pages that link to other pages
  • Replace hyperlinked URLs with their Web page titles

Search commands

  • Search and replace text on the current page (Ctrl+H)
  • Search for keywords and copy or move selected pages (Alt + F)
  • Add arbitrary tags to a page
  • Search arbitrary page tags to index, copy, or move selected pages

Snippets commands

  • Insert single or double horizontal line
  • Insert Table of Contents of headers, pages, or sections
  • Insert small or large monthly calendar for a specific month
  • Insert sortable date, similar to 2020-12-23
  • Insert Info/Warn boxes similar to Confluence Info and Warn macros
  • Insert single-cell table, optionally wrap selecting content
  • Insert Code box similar to Confluence Code macro, optionally wrap selected content
  • Insert collapsable sections to hide secondary or sensitive information
  • Insert status labels similar to the Confluence status macro

Extra commands

  • Add special icon to the page title, also appears in page hierarchy
  • Collapse the page hierarchy to see only top-level pages
  • Convert select text to a table
  • Insert Table Cells, shifting content as expected
  • Insert pronunciation of words from over a dozen languages
  • Merge pages, preserving formatting and position of outlines
  • Sort pages, sections, or notebooks
  • Split current page into multiple pages
  • Toggle strikethrough text next to all completed/incompleted tags


  • Archive a section or an entire notebook to a zip file with attachments
  • Import MSWord and PowerPoint into the current page or a new page
  • Export the current page or selected pages as HTML, PDF, MSWord, or as raw OneNote XML
  • Invoke an external custom plugin to process a page
  • View and edit the internal OneNote XML of the current page
  • Check for updates and install upgrades on-demand


I wanted something more than what OneNote provided. I was overwhelmed by OneNote Gem, aghast at its bloated useless overloads of what was already otherwise available or features that I would never use in a million years - and, oh yeah, that price! I admit I was intrigued by the Onetastic Macro approach but thought it limited and obtuse, decipherable only by programmers. And both of these charge money for something that should be open source and neither provided exactly what I wanted. So I did what any self respecting software engineer would do... I built my own.

Please Support
I do this as a hobby. I will never charge you to use OneMore. So it is with great humility and appreciation that I humbly request that you consider a small donation to support the development of OneMore. In exchange, I pledge to continue listening with an open mind and to respond to your questions and tips in a timely manner.

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Minimum Prerequisites

  • Developed for Windows 10
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019, C# 7
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Installer Projects extension
  • .NET Framework 4.8
  • Microsoft OneNote 2016 32-bit or 64-bit

Tested recently with Windows 10 2004 (19041.450), VS2019, and OneNote 2019/O365

How to Install

  1. Close OneNote if it is currently running
  2. Download the latest installer from here
  3. Right-click the downloaded installer msi and choose Properties, then tick the Unblock box and click OK
  4. Run the installer
    • If OneNote is installed for all users then you must install OneMore for all users as well
  5. Run OneNote and enjoy

Developing OneMore

See the Developer Notes page in the Wiki where I keep a list of technical references and information regarding developing and debugging this OneNote add-in.

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