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Ubiquiti EdgeRouter / EdgeMax Example config.boot Files

This repo contains a collection of example config.boot files which you can use as a starting point for configuring your UBNT EdgeRouter for IPv4 and IPv6 on a number of networks, including:

  • Google Fiber
  • Comcast Xfinity
  • Charter Spectrum


Copy the raw contents of the appropriate config.boot file into your local clipboard. Then create a blank config.boot file in /home/ubnt with:

$ sudo vi /home/ubnt/config.boot

Once inside the vi editor, turn off the auto-indenting feature before you paste by typing

:set noai

and pressing ENTER. If you’re not familiar with vi, make sure you type the : whenever they’re shown in this guide.

Now enter “insert” mode by pressing lowercase i (you don’t need ENTER after the i command).

Paste the copied raw config.boot file from your local system’s clipboard using your terminal client’s Paste menu item or keyboard shortcut (usually CTRL-V on PC, Command-V on Mac, etc.). Now write and quit the file by typing:


and then ENTER.

Now you’re ready to copy your new config.boot file over the EdgeRouter’s default config.boot file with:

$ sudo cp /home/ubnt/config.boot /config/config.boot

You can apply the new config.boot file by rebooting the router with the reboot command, or with:

$ configure
# load
# commit
# save
# exit

IPv6 Considerations

If you edit the IPv6 settings in your config.boot and want to apply them immediately, do:

$ release dhcpv6-pd interface eth0
$ delete dhcpv6-pd duid 
$ renew dhcpv6-pd interface eth0

Change eth0 as needed to match your configuration's WAN interface.

Test IPv6 Connectivity

Test your connection for IPv6 support by visiting these websites:

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