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A command line tool to validate configuration files using rules specified in YAML. The configuration files can be one of several formats: Terraform, JSON, YAML, with support for Kubernetes. There are built-in rules provided for Terraform, and custom files can be used for other formats.

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✏️ config-lint: Up and Running

✏️ Development Acceleration Through VS Code Remote Containers

Quick Start

Install the latest version of config-lint on macOS using Homebrew:

brew tap stelligent/tap
brew install config-lint

Or manually on Linux:

curl -L | tar xz -C /usr/local/bin config-lint
chmod +rx /usr/local/bin/config-lint

Run the built-in ruleset against your Terraform files. For instance if you want to run config-lint against our example files:

config-lint -terraform example-files/config

You will see failure and warning violations in the output like this:

    "AssertionMessage": "viewer_certificate[].cloudfront_default_certificate | [0] should be 'false', not ''",
    "Category": "resource",
    "CreatedAt": "2020-04-15T19:24:33Z",
    "Filename": "example-files/config/",
    "LineNumber": 10,
    "ResourceID": "s3_distribution",
    "ResourceType": "aws_cloudfront_distribution",
    "RuleMessage": "CloudFront Distribution must use TLS 1.2",
    "Status": "FAILURE"

You can find more install options in our installation guide.

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