Spring Kafka

Provides Familiar Spring Abstractions for Apache Kafka
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【Java面试+Java学习指南】 一份涵盖大部分Java程序员所需要掌握的核心知识。
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springboot 框架与其它组件结合如 jpa、mybatis、websocket、security、shiro、cache等
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Java开发者技术书籍大全 - Java入门书籍,Java基础及进阶书籍,框架与中间件,架构设计,设计模式,数学与算法,JVM周边语言,项目管理&领导力&流程,职业素养与个人成长,格局与视野,面试参考书等。
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Java is Growing up but not only Java。Java成长路线,但学到不仅仅是Java。
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供应链中台系统基础版,集成零售管理, 电子商务, 供应链管理, 财务管理, 车队管理, 仓库管理, 人员管理, 产品管理, 订单管理, 会员管理, 连锁店管理, 加盟管理, 前端React/Ant Design, 后端Java Spring+自有开源框架,全面支持MySQL, PostgreSQL, 全面支持国产数据库南大通用GBase 8s,通过REST接口调用,前后端完全分离。
Spring Kafka1,9041,6912253 days ago160September 19, 202249apache-2.0Java
Provides Familiar Spring Abstractions for Apache Kafka
8 days ago10apache-2.0Java
Java生态研究(Spring Boot + Redis + Dubbo + RocketMQ + Elasticsearch)🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Spring for Apache Kafka Join the chat at https://gitter.im/spring-projects/spring-kafka

Code of Conduct

Please see our Code of conduct.

Reporting Security Vulnerabilities

Please see our Security policy.

Checking out and Building

To check out the project and build from source, do the following:

git clone git://github.com/spring-projects/spring-kafka.git
cd spring-kafka
./gradlew build

The Java SE 7 or higher is recommended to build the project.

If you encounter out of memory errors during the build, increase available heap and permgen for Gradle:

GRADLE_OPTS='-XX:MaxPermSize=1024m -Xmx1024m'

To build and install jars into your local Maven cache:

./gradlew install

To build API Javadoc (results will be in build/api):

./gradlew api

To build reference documentation (results will be in build/reference):

./gradlew reference

To build complete distribution including -dist, -docs, and -schema zip files (results will be in build/distributions)

./gradlew dist

Using Eclipse

To generate Eclipse metadata (.classpath and .project files), do the following:

./gradlew eclipse

Once complete, you may then import the projects into Eclipse as usual:

File -> Import -> Existing projects into workspace

Browse to the 'spring-kafka' root directory. All projects should import free of errors.

Using IntelliJ IDEA

To generate IDEA metadata (.iml and .ipr files), do the following:

./gradlew idea


For more information, please visit the Spring Kafka website at: Reference Manual

Contributing to Spring Kafka

Here are some ways for you to get involved in the community:

  • Get involved with the Spring community on the Spring Community Forums. Please help out on the StackOverflow by responding to questions and joining the debate.
  • Create GitHub issues for bugs and new features and comment and vote on the ones that you are interested in.
  • Github is for social coding: if you want to write code, we encourage contributions through pull requests from forks of this repository. If you want to contribute code this way, please reference a GitHub issue as well covering the specific issue you are addressing.
  • Watch for upcoming articles on Spring by subscribing to springframework.org

Before we accept a non-trivial patch or pull request we will need you to sign the contributor's agreement. Signing the contributor's agreement does not grant anyone commit rights to the main repository, but it does mean that we can accept your contributions, and you will get an author credit if we do. Active contributors might be asked to join the core team and given the ability to merge pull requests.

Code Conventions and Housekeeping

None of these is essential for a pull request, but they will all help. They can also be added after the original pull request but before a merge.

  • Use the Spring Framework code format conventions (import eclipse-code-formatter.xml from the root of the project if you are using Eclipse).
  • Make sure all new .java files to have a simple Javadoc class comment with at least an @author tag identifying you, and preferably at least a paragraph on what the class is for.
  • Add the ASF license header comment to all new .java files (copy from existing files in the project)
  • Add yourself as an @author to the .java files that you modify substantially (more than cosmetic changes).
  • Add some Javadocs and, if you change the namespace, some XSD doc elements.
  • A few unit tests would help a lot as well - someone has to do it.
  • If no-one else is using your branch, please rebase it against the current main (or another target branch in the main project).

Getting Support

Use the spring-kafka tag on Stack Overflow to ask questions; include code and configuration and clearly explain your problem, providing an MCRE if possible. Commercial support is also available.


Spring Kafka is released under the terms of the Apache Software License Version 2.0 (see LICENSE.txt).

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