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5 months ago19mitMakefile
Corne keyboard, a split keyboard with 3x6 column staggered keys and 3 thumb keys.
Lets Split Guide422
4 years ago4Makefile
This guide covers building a Let's Split v2
5 months ago2mitMakefile
for building keyboard libraries
Macos Fn Toggle205
10 days ago3mitMakefile
A macOS app to quickly toggle the behavior of the fn key.
9 months ago4mitMakefile
Generated keyboard
a year ago5otherMakefile
A QML based on screen virtual keyboard for embedded QML applications
2 years agomitMakefile
A selection of my layouts and a bunch of useful resources for programming the TADA68 mechanical keyboard
3 years ago2Makefile
This repository contains official FW update files for Logitech control devices (mice, keyboards, etc.)
a year agomitMakefile
A 36-key ergonomic keyboard with more wingspan
Raise Firmware31
a year ago15gpl-3.0C++
Firmware for the Dygma Raise Keyboard, it uses a Open source Firmware called Kaleidoscope from
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An autogenerated split 36 key keyboard


This is an early experimental prototype. Please do not rely on the autogenerated files and double check them manually before sending them off to a PCB fab. The author and other random strangers on the internet have been able to produce working keyboard prototypes from this repo; this does not mean that everything will work every time.

The author(s) waive(s) responsibility for any damage or regulatory violations caused by using this software (see license). Please consult your local regulations around radio frequencies and what's allowed for DIY projects in your country.

left right
left right

A 5x3 split keyboard with 3 thumb keys. There is nothing unique about the keyboard layout. It's inspired by Corne and Kyria, and has the exact number of keys needed for the Miryoku layout.

The interesting thing about this keyboard is that it's a declarative design:

  • Layout is declared using Ergogen. See this fork.
  • The build system uses Ergogen to translate YAML to a KiCad PCB and plate files for FR-4 fab or laser cutting
  • uses kicad-automation-scripts and FreeRouting to automatically route the traces on the PCB
  • uses KiKit to render PCB previews (see top of this file) and production-ready Gerber files


  • Extra pins and a slider switch for battery for wireless Promicro clones (tested with nice!nano); the slider can be shorted with a jumper if CONFIG_ZMK_SLEEP is preferred.
  • Wired operation with QMK should be possible but is not tested; TRRS footprints are included and routed. The pinout is identical with a five-column Corne sans the RGBLEDs.
  • Reset switches are easily accessible. The footprints used are the same as on the Corne.

How to

If you would like to modify this:

  • fork it
  • change samoklava.yaml to your liking
  • push your changes; the build.yml GitHub Workflow will pick it up, autoroute and generate Gerbers, all in a zip file. See
  • or:
    • make sure to have Docker CLI and NodeJS installed
    • run make setup clean all
    • check the output folder for KiCad PCBs and Gerbers

See the workflow or the Makefile for more details. See my ZMK config for a suggested keymap.

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