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jQuery.counter (javascript + css3)

Info + Demo:

jQuery Counter

A jQuery counter based on with more options.


Options can be set by attribute data-<name>="value" or in the options hash on counter initialization: $(element).counter({name: value, ...})

direction: up|down Counter direction

format: string Defines the format and the limit for each part - e.g: 23:59:59

interval: number Defines the time between each counter increment - by default 1000 milliseconds

stop: string Defines the counter limit - eg: 10:00 (ten minutes)


Methods can be call using $(element).counter('method')

play Play counter

reset Reset counter

stop Stop counter


counterStop Raised when the counter reach limit


10 seconds countdown:

<span class="counter counter-analog">0:10</span>

120 seconds count:

<span class="counter counter-analog" data-direction="up" data-format="120">0</span>


jQuery.counter is Copyright (c) 2017 sophilabs, inc. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the license file.


jQuery.counter is maintained and funded by sophilabs, inc. The names and logos for sophilabs are trademarks of sophilabs, inc.

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