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About ProxyAdmin

ProxyAdmin is a powerful web console of snail007/goproxy .

中文简介 | snail007/goproxy manual


HTTP(S) Proxies

Socks5 Proxies

Internal NAT

Remote Desktop - VNC & Web-SSH

DIY Service

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Start Using

Quick Installation

If your VPS is a Linux 64-bit system, you only need to execute the following sentence to complete the automatic installation and configuration.

Tip: All operations require root privileges.

curl -L | bash

The installation is complete, the configuration directory is /etc/gpa. For more detailed usage, please refer to the manual directory above to learn more about the features you want to use.

If the installation fails or your vps is not a linux64-bit system, follow the manual installation steps below.   

Manual Installation

Select the file that is appropriate for your system and download it, click to download

Linux && MacOS

The root account is executed:

`cd Enter "proxy-admin directory".

./proxy-admin install


  1. Install using the assistant tool

The administrator opens goproxy_helper.exe and can install/uninstall/restart the service with one click.

  1. Command line installation

The administrator account executes cmd.exe

`cd Enter "proxy-admin directory".

proxy-admin.exe install


After the installation is successful, open the browser to access:, the first default account is root, the password is 123, remember to modify the first time after login.

Configuration file path:

Linux && MacOS is located in /etc/gpa/app.toml

Windows is located at C:\gpa\app.toml

You can configure the listening port and logging.

Uninstalling services

Linux && MacOS

The root account is executed:

`cd Enter "proxy-admin directory".

./proxy-admin uninstall


The administrator account executes cmd.exe

`cd Enter "proxy-admin directory".

proxy-admin.exe uninstall

Service Management

The following operations must be done before the service is installed.

There are two ways to manage services:

  1. Use the program proxy-admin to manage the service.

proxy-admin install install as system service

proxy-admin uninstall uninstall service

proxy-admin start

proxy-admin stop

proxy-admin restart

  1. Manage using system service management tools.

The proxy-admin system service name is: proxyadmin

Linux can be managed by systemctl.

MacOS can be managed by commands below.

Windows can be managed using the system's Service Manager.



proxy-admin update

Force update.

proxy-admin update -f


cd gpa
proxy-admin update

Force update.

cd gpa
proxy-admin update -f


Back to the light The back-end template provided us a comfortable interactive experience.

GoFrame provides a convenient and powerful framework to make the agent backstage development more fluent.

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