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Pokémon battle simulator.
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Pokémon Showdown

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Pokémon Showdown is many things:

Pokémon Showdown simulates singles, doubles and triples battles in all the games out so far (Generations 1 through 9).

Documentation quick links

  • PROTOCOL.md - How the client and server communicate with each other.
  • sim/SIM-PROTOCOL.md - The part of the protocol used for battles and battle messages.
  • CONTRIBUTING.md - Useful code standards to understand if you want to send pull requests to PS (not necessary if you're just using the code and not planning to contribute back).
  • ARCHITECTURE.md - A high-level overview of how the code works.
  • Bot FAQ - An FAQ compiled by Kaiepi regarding making Pokemon Showdown bots - mainly chatbots and battle bots.


PS has a built-in chat service. Join our main server to talk to us!

You can also visit the Pokémon Showdown forums for discussion and help.

If you'd like to contribute to programming and don't know where to start, feel free to check out Ideas for New Developers.


Pokémon Showdown's server is distributed under the terms of the MIT License.



  • Guangcong Luo [Zarel] - Development, Design, Sysadmin


  • Andrew Werner [HoeenHero] - Development
  • Annika L. [Annika] - Development
  • Chris Monsanto [chaos] - Development, Sysadmin
  • Kris Johnson [Kris] - Development
  • Leonard Craft III [DaWoblefet] - Research (game mechanics)
  • Mathieu Dias-Martins [Marty-D] - Research (game mechanics), Development
  • Mia A [Mia] - Development


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