Crypto Hash

Tiny hashing module that uses the native crypto API in Node.js and the browser
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Jssha2,1901,6575222 months ago22August 04, 20232bsd-3-clauseTypeScript
A JavaScript/TypeScript implementation of the complete Secure Hash Standard (SHA) family (SHA-1, SHA-224/256/384/512, SHA3-224/256/384/512, SHAKE128/256, cSHAKE128/256, and KMAC128/256) with HMAC.
Node Argon21,67327329021 days ago69September 01, 202319mitJavaScript
Node.js bindings for Argon2 hashing algorithm
4 years ago1February 27, 20183otherC++
Advanced library for randomization, hashing and statistical analysis (devoted to chaos machines). :microscope:
Cryptopasta1,5091231185 years agoJuly 12, 202311otherGo
copy & paste-friendly golang crypto
Low Latency Android Ios Linux Windows Tvos Macos Interactive Audio Platform1,286
a month ago1C++
🇸Superpowered Audio, Networking and Cryptographics SDKs. High performance and cross platform on Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Linux, Windows and modern web browsers.
Pynacl9841,96961025 days ago16January 07, 202244apache-2.0C
Python binding to the Networking and Cryptography (NaCl) library
Crypto Hash5751828a year ago9December 02, 20213mitJavaScript
Tiny hashing module that uses the native crypto API in Node.js and the browser
Swift Sodium492
2118 days ago10December 12, 202010iscC
Safe and easy to use crypto for iOS and macOS
Noble Hashes3511725 days ago23December 15, 20222mitJavaScript
Audited & minimal JS implementation of hash functions, MACs & KDFs.
14 days ago17December 08, 20225apache-2.0Java
Java cryptographic library that supports Argon2, bcrypt, scrypt and PBKDF2 aimed to protect passwords in databases. Easy to use by design, highly customizable, secure and portable. All the implementations follow the standards and have been reviewed to perform better in the JVM.
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Tiny hashing module that uses the native crypto API in Node.js and the browser

Useful when you want the same hashing API in all environments. My cat calls it isomorphic.

In Node.js it uses require('crypto'), while in the browser it uses window.crypto.

The browser version is only ~300 bytes minified & gzipped.

When used in the browser, it must be in a secure context (HTTPS).

This package is for modern browsers. IE11 is not supported.


npm install crypto-hash


import {sha256} from 'crypto-hash';

console.log(await sha256(''));
//=> '36bf255468003165652fe978eaaa8898e191664028475f83f506dabd95298efc'


sha1(input, options?)

sha256(input, options?)

sha384(input, options?)

sha512(input, options?)

Returns a Promise<string> with a Hex-encoded hash.

In Node.js, the operation is executed using worker_threads. A thread is lazily spawned on the first operation and lives until the end of the program execution. It's unrefed, so it won't keep the process alive.

SHA-1 is insecure and should not be used for anything sensitive.


Type: string ArrayBuffer ArrayBufferView


Type: object


Type: string
Values: 'hex' | 'buffer'
Default: 'hex'

Setting this to buffer makes it return an ArrayBuffer instead of a string.


  • hasha - Hashing in Node.js made simple
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