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Iterates through a user's AUR (Arch User Repository) packages, and determines out-of-date packages w.r.t. their upstream version.


$ go get

Since modern Go features (such as modules) are used, at least Go 1.13 is required.

The tool is also available in AUR: aur-out-of-date


$ aur-out-of-date
Usage of aur-out-of-date:
  -config string
        Config file (default "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/aur-out-of-date/config.json")
        Check -git/-svn/-hg packages
        Flag out-of-date on AUR
        Generate JSON Text Sequences (RFC 7464)
        Local .SRCINFO files
        AUR package name(s)
        Print summary statistics
        Update pkgver/pkgrel in local PKGBUILD files
  -user string
        AUR username

AUR packages can be obtained …

  • for a given AUR user (using -user simon04; specify -devel to include VCS packages), or
  • from a list of packages via AUR RPC (using -pkg package1 package2 …), or
  • from local .SRCINFO files (using -local packages/*/.SRCINFO).
$ aur-out-of-date -user simon04
[OUT-OF-DATE] [python-mwclient] Package python-mwclient should be updated from 0.8.6-1 to 0.8.7-1
[OUT-OF-DATE] [nodejs-osmtogeojson] Package nodejs-osmtogeojson should be updated from 2.2.12-1 to 3.0.0
[OUT-OF-DATE] [spectre-meltdown-checker] Package spectre-meltdown-checker should be updated from 0.31-1 to 0.32

$ aur-out-of-date -user simon04 -devel
[UP-TO-DATE]  [ocproxy-git] Package ocproxy-git 1.60.r8.g8f15425-3 matches upstream version 1.60

$ aur-out-of-date -pkg caddy dep aur-out-of-date
[UP-TO-DATE]  [aur-out-of-date] Package aur-out-of-date 0.4.0-1 matches upstream version 0.4.0
[UP-TO-DATE]  [caddy] Package caddy 0.10.10-3 matches upstream version 0.10.10
[UP-TO-DATE]  [dep] Package dep 0.3.2-2 matches upstream version 0.3.2

$ aur-out-of-date -local packages/*/.SRCINFO

The output can be switched to a machine-readable format – JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Text Sequences – using -json.

$ aur-out-of-date -json -pkg nodejs-osmtogeojson spectre-meltdown-checker
{"type":"package","name":"nodejs-osmtogeojson","message":"Package nodejs-osmtogeojson should be updated from 2.2.12-1 to 3.0.0","version":"2.2.12-1","upstream":"3.0.0","status":"OUT-OF-DATE"}
{"type":"package","name":"spectre-meltdown-checker","message":"Package spectre-meltdown-checker 0.35-1 matches upstream version 0.35","version":"0.35-1","upstream":"0.35","status":"UP-TO-DATE"}

Summary statistics can be enabled using -statistics.

The option -flag flags out-of-date packages on AUR after a user prompt: "Should the package … be flagged out-of-date?"

The tool aur-out-of-date exists with code 4 if at least one out-of-date package has been found.


For each package, the upstream URL and/or source URL is matched against supported platforms. For those platforms the latest release is obtained via an API/HTTP call.


The tool reads a configuration file from $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/aur-out-of-date/config.json.

  "ignore": {
    "foo": ["*"],
    "osmtogeojson": ["3.0.0-beta.3", "3.0.0-rc.1"]
  "scripts": {
    "bar": "echo 42",
    "aurweb": "curl -s | grep aurweb.git/log | grep -oE 'v[1-9][.0-9]+' | head -n1"

Ignoring versions

The ignore key configuration file allows to ignore certain package versions from being reported as out-of-date. The string "*" acts as a placeholder for all versions.

Running aur-out-of-date -pkg osmtogeojson yields:

[UNKNOWN] [osmtogeojson][3.0.0b3-2] ignoring package upgrade to 3.0.0-beta.3

Using custom version script

You may specify a custom version script via scripts. The given script is executed as /bin/sh -c $SCRIPT, and its output is used as upstream version.

[UP-TO-DATE] [bar] Package bar 42-1 matches upstream version 42

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GNU General Public License v3.0

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