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A Rust implementation of DEFLATE algorithm and related formats (ZLIB, GZIP).


See RustDoc Documentation.

The documentation includes some examples.


Add following lines to your Cargo.toml:

libflate = "1"

An Example

Below is a command to decode GZIP stream that is read from the standard input:

extern crate libflate;

use std::io;
use libflate::gzip::Decoder;

fn main() {
    let mut input = io::stdin();
    let mut decoder = Decoder::new(&mut input).unwrap();
    io::copy(&mut decoder, &mut io::stdout()).unwrap();

An Informal Benchmark

A brief comparison with flate2 and inflate:

$ cd libflate/flate_bench/
$ curl -O
$ gzip -d enwiki-latest-all-titles-in-ns0.gz
> ls -lh enwiki-latest-all-titles-in-ns0
-rw-rw-r-- 1 foo foo 265M May 18 05:19 enwiki-latest-all-titles-in-ns0

$ cargo run --release -- enwiki-latest-all-titles-in-ns0
# ENCODE (input_size=277303937)
- libflate: elapsed=8.137013s, size=83259010
-   flate2: elapsed=9.814607s, size=74692153

# DECODE (input_size=74217004)
- libflate: elapsed=1.354556s, size=277303937
-   flate2: elapsed=0.960907s, size=277303937
-  inflate: elapsed=1.926142s, size=277303937


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