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Build status


This is an unofficial Signal client for the Universal Windows Platform. It is (currently) a hobby project in a very early stage of production, so expect bugs and non-backwards compatible changes.


What can it do right now?

  • register as a master device
  • be linked as a slave
  • add/edit contacts
  • send and receive text messages

What can I expect next?

  • proper attachment handling
  • syncing groups and contacts on linking
  • a prettier interface

I want to try it out but I'm not a developer

You can get Signal-Windows from the Windows store with this invite link.

Support for completing CAPTCHAs is provided by CAPTCHA for Signal Private Messenger and its store link is here:

Bug reports

Found a bug? Great! Open a pull request or an issue.


See the contributing docs.

Legal things


Copyright 2017

Licensed under the GPLv3:

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