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GassistPi -- Google Assistant for Single Board Computers

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List of Donors Contribution in USD
Jean-François LE BRETON 5
Daniel Birrer 10
Tyler Kent 10
Daniel Birrer 10
Chris Noorman 10
Peter de Wagenaar 4
Tim Cox 5
Tom Hayward 20
Project Life (POLAND) - EXEPOWERED 3
Arthur E Travis Jr 10
Kevin Elgan 5
Dario Colasante 5
Simon Therrien 20
George Thomas 10
Julien Oberlin 3
Ingmar Guillaume 15
Jonathan Rondón 10
Norbert Tarr 1.5
Brian Rutherford 10
Alexander Hauser 10
Janne J Mäenpää 20
Sandeep Kundu 10
Patrik Guidali 3
Antonio Fragola 10
Eric Ha 25
Sergio Almagro Carrion 2
Alan Ng 10
Eli Lesteberg With 10
George Law 25
Syed Mohammed Sulaiman 8
Enzo Decorart di Randazzo Vincenzo 20
Brian Peacock 10
Michael Beljaars 10
Enzo Decorart di Randazzo Vincenzo 50
Soubhik Khan 10
Sagafon As 60
Kufirre Ebong 10
Drew Barthlow 40

If any of you have donated, but your name is not in the list, please get in touch with me in Gitter.

Do not raise an Issue request for Non-Issue stuff. For Non-Issue Help and Interaction use gitter Join the chat at

26-Nov-2020 Update:

Added a new Picovoice wakeword engine. Users can now use either Snowboy or Picovoice. Please refer to this document for updated info.

06-Dec-2020 Update:

Assisant fully works with the new audio configuration of Raspberry Pi OS. Instructions have been updated for configuring audio.

13-Mar-2021 Update:

Removed music streaming from Google music option Due to Google shutting down the Google Music service/app.

GassistPi Documentation:

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