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FlyDNS - Related subdomains discovery tool

What is FlyDNS

FlyDNS was first a fork of Altdns, but then has been updated to become a separated recon tool.

FlyDNS will try to find related subdomains from user given subdomains, by generating permutations, mutations, alterations. The alterations came from combinations between wordlist entries and subdomains patterns.


git clone
cd flydns
pip3 install .


Flag Description
-s Target subdomains
-i Subdomains list from a file
-o Output of altered and permuted subdomains.
-w Your wordlist.
-f Output of resolved subdomains.
-t How many threads the resolver will use simultaneously
-r Perform discovery recursively
-d System DNS resolvers
-e Exclude subdomains by DNS answers
-R Reverse DNS lookup for IP addresses
-p Ports to scan
-a Look for only active subdomains
-n Add number suffix to every domain (0-9)
-W Perform Whois lookup for every resolved subdomains

Example: flydns -i subdomains.txt -o output_subdomains.txt -f resolved_result.txt


This tool is currently in development by @shelld3v, feel free to request a feature!

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