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MERN Login Signup Component

Update 3rd April 2021 : React and NodeJS packaged updated/fixed using npm audit, Packages updated may have breaking changes, If running the code in this repo causes any issues, send me an e-mail ⚠

Minimalistic, ready-to-use component for Sessions based Login and Sign-Up using Reactjs, Redux, Bootstrap Node.js + Express and MongoDB, can be used as a starting point for another project that needs authentication.


  • Login page with success/error messages
  • Register page with success/error messages
  • Protected Profile page route that needs authentication to access
  • Persistence achieved using Sessions, with session ID stored on Cookie
  • Logout deletes session in database and cookie from browser
  • Fully responsive across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile


  • Node.js
  • NPM
  • React
  • MongoDB Atlas MongoURI
  • .env file with ENV variables, a .env template is provided

Quick Start

Clone the repository

Install packages for Node backend

 cd mern-login-signup-component
 npm install

Install packages for React client

 cd mern-login-signup-component/client
 npm install

To Test Locally

remove the line "homepage": "", from client/package.json remove basename="/sessions-auth-app" from client/src/index.js

Start Dev Server ( both React server and Nodejs server )

 npm run dev

Image Gallery



Login with Error message


Register with Error message

Register with Success message

Profile Page

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