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Hyperapp One

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Hyperapp One is a Parcel boilerplate for quickstarting a web application with Hyperapp V1, JSX, and Prettier.

Redux Dev Tools support is included as well 😄

Table of Contents


git clone
cd hyperapp-one
npm install
npm start


npm test

All tests are in the root test directory. 🎉


Access localhost:1234.

The browser will reload as you save new code. 🚀

Now go code something awesome!

Wiping the Commit History

Make sure you are in the boilerplate root and run:

npm run wipe

Add your remote:

git remote add origin <ssh_or_https_url>

Then work as usual.

Or if you prefer to do it yourself from scratch:

rm -rf .git
git init
git add .
git commit -m "initial commit"

Then add your remote and work from there as usual.

git remote add origin <ssh_or_https_url>

Deploying to GitHub Pages

This will be interactive as it merges master into the gh-pages branch 🙏


Sometimes it will say there is nothing to commit even though you have more commits.

Just do a git push or a git push -f and then check back out to master 🙏

Now visit:

  • No custom domain:
  • With a custom domain: yourCustomDomain/yourRepoName


Hyperapp One is MIT licensed. See LICENSE.

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