Some of my dotfiles. Have a look at my video course masterclass on developer productivity.


  • All files and directories that start with a dot (.) belong to the user’s home directory, directly or via symlink.

  • bin/ contains binaries and has to reside in the $PATH

  • examples/ contains examples for my videos and courses

  • uhk/ contains the configuration for my Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

IntelliJ Live templates

Copy the live templates into your IDEA configuration directory, under <config-dir>/config/jba_config/templates/.

In IntelliJ 2020.1 the default configuration directory has changed.
For Linux, the default is now ~/.config/JetBrains/IntelliJIdea20XX.X/

The config/jba_config/templates.xml files exists to avoid collisions with predefined default templates. You might have to merge in the parts of the XML file manually.

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