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This is a simple Python 3.5+ utility for monitoring Bluetooth Low Energy traffic and to register devices. Thanks to D-Bus, it does not require elevated privileges to be run!


As this project relies on BlueZ, it will only run on Linux systems. The project further requires GLib2, PyGobject (commonly known as python-gi, python-gobject or pygobject, but not packaged on PyPi) and D-Bus.


You can now use pip or setuptools to install the package:

$ pip install -U git+


usage: btlesniffer [-h] [-V] [-v] [-d] [-o OUT_PATH] [-i BACKUP_INTERVAL] [-r]
                   [-c] [--threshold-rssi THRESHOLD_RSSI]
                   [--connection-polling-interval CONNECTION_POLLING_INTERVAL]

Scan for Bluetooth Low Energy devices and gather information about them. This
program will only run on Linux systems.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -V, --version         display version information and exit
  -v, --verbose         increase the verbosity of the program
  -d, --debug           enable debugging features
  -o OUT_PATH, --out-path OUT_PATH
                        path to the device registry backup
                        how frequently the device registry backup should be
                        written (in seconds, default 5 s). If set to zero, the
                        backup will be written with every device update.
  -r, --resume          resume from a previous device registry backup (must
                        specify the `-o` option)
  -c, --connect         attempt to connect to all discovered Bluetooth devices
  --threshold-rssi THRESHOLD_RSSI
                        the lower bound received signal strength (RSSI) at
                        which to attempt to connect to devices (in dBa,
                        default -80 dBa).
  --connection-polling-interval CONNECTION_POLLING_INTERVAL
                        how frequently the sniffer shall go through the device
                        registry and attempt to establish connections (in
                        seconds, default 5 s).

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