A library for factorization machines and polynomial networks for classification and regression in Python.
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3 days ago4October 28, 2020136apache-2.0Python
Recommendation Algorithm大规模推荐算法库,包含推荐系统经典及最新算法LR、Wide&Deep、DSSM、TDM、MIND、Word2Vec、Bert4Rec、DeepWalk、SSR、AITM,DSIN,SIGN,IPREC、GRU4Rec、Youtube_dnn、NCF、GNN、FM、FFM、DeepFM、DCN、DIN、DIEN、DLRM、MMOE、PLE、ESMM、ESCMM, MAML、xDeepFM、DeepFEFM、NFM、AFM、RALM、DMR、GateNet、NAML、DIFM、Deep Crossing、PNN、BST、AutoInt、FGCNN、FLEN、Fibinet、ListWise、DeepRec、ENSFM,TiSAS,AutoFIS等,包含经典推荐系统数据集criteo 、movielens等
Competitive Recsys475
2 years ago
A collection of resources for Recommender Systems (RecSys)
Pytorch Fm268
3 years ago8January 18, 20203mitPython
Factorization Machine models in PyTorch
Recommend System Tf2.0262
2 years ago3Python
原理解析及代码实战,推荐算法也可以很简单 🔥 想要系统的学习推荐算法的小伙伴,欢迎 Star 或者 Fork 到自己仓库进行学习🚀 有任何疑问欢迎提 Issues,也可加文末的联系方式向我询问!
3 years ago7bsd-2-clausePython
A library for factorization machines and polynomial networks for classification and regression in Python.
Tensorflow In Practice33
4 years agoPython
Code based in TensorFlow
4 years ago2Python
LightCTR is a tensorflow 2.0 based, extensible toolbox for building CTR/CVR predicting models.
5 years ago1Jupyter Notebook
a year agogpl-3.0Python
An implementation of "Fusing Structure and Content via Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Embedding Information Networks".
4 years ago2Jupyter Notebook
explore tensorflow 2
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A library for factorization machines and polynomial networks for classification and regression in Python.

Github repository.

https://travis-ci.org/scikit-learn-contrib/polylearn.svg?branch=master https://ci.appveyor.com/api/projects/status/g9xnar9081l3vsw7/branch/master?svg=true https://coveralls.io/repos/scikit-learn-contrib/polylearn/badge.svg?branch=master&service=github https://circleci.com/gh/scikit-learn-contrib/polylearn/tree/master.svg?style=shield&circle-token=:circle-token

Factorization machines and polynomial networks are machine learning models that can capture feature interaction (co-occurrence) through polynomial terms. Because feature interactions can be very sparse, it's common to use low rank, factorized representations; this way, we can learn weights even for feature co-occurrences that haven't been observed at training time.

Factorization machines are popular for recommender systems, as they are a generalization of matrix completion models.

This package provides:

  • coordinate descent algorithm for fitting factorization machines of degree 2 or 3,
  • coordinate descent algorithm for fitting polynomial networks of arbitrary degree,
  • scikit-learn-compatible API,
  • Cython implementations for computationally intensive parts.


Binary packages are not yet available.

The development version of polylearn can be installed from its git repository. In this case it is assumed that you have a working C++ compiler.

  1. Obtain the sources by:

    git clone https://github.com/scikit-learn-contrib/polylearn.git

or, if git is unavailable, download as a ZIP from GitHub.

  1. Install the dependencies:

    # via pip
    pip install numpy scipy scikit-learn nose
    pip install sklearn-contrib-lightning
    # via conda
    conda install numpy scipy scikit-learn nose
    conda install -c conda-forge sklearn-contrib-lightning
  2. Build and install polylearn:

    cd polylearn
    python setup.py build
    sudo python setup.py install


The solvers implemented are introduced in [1]. Factorization machines are introduced in [2] and polynomial networks in [3].

[1] Mathieu Blondel, Masakazu Ishihata, Akinori Fujino, Naonori Ueda. Polynomial Networks and Factorization Machines: New Insights and Efficient Training Algorithms. In: Proc. of ICML 2016. [PDF]
[2] Steffen Rendle. Factorization machines. In: Proc. of IEEE ICDM 2010. [PDF]
[3] Roi Livni, Shai Shalev-Shwartz, Ohad Shamir. On the computational efficiency of training neural networks. In: Proc. of NIPS 2014. [arXiv]


  • Vlad Niculae, 2016-present
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