Scala Worksheet

A Scala IDE plugin for a multi-line REPL (called worksheet)
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Cluster2,2761,1472027 years ago44October 04, 201166mitJavaScript
Node.JS multi-core server manager with plugins support.
14 days ago32otherVim Script
Wrapper of some vim/neovim's :terminal functions.
5 days ago9mitRust
A neovim plugin to run lines/blocs of code (independently of the rest of the file), supporting multiples languages
Lein Try305
4 years ago13October 05, 20158Clojure
A Leiningen plugin for trying out new libraries
5 years ago7mitVimL
Vim plugin for the Elm programming language
Clojure Maven Plugin24262a month ago32May 28, 201931Java
Apache Maven Mojo for compiling clojure scripts to class files
Nvim Luadev238
10 days ago2mitLua
REPL/debug console for nvim lua plugins
Intero Neovim223
3 years ago36Vim script
A neovim plugin for Intero, forked from ghcmod-vim
Lua Repl137
a year ago40mitLua
A Lua REPL implemented in Lua for embedding in other programs
Scala Worksheet98
5 years ago71Scala
A Scala IDE plugin for a multi-line REPL (called worksheet)
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Scala Worksheet plugin for Eclipse

A simple worksheet implementation for Scala IDE. It is a glorified editor, with the option of evaluating the script and placing the results of each expression in a comment on the same line.

There are 5 Eclipse plugins:

  • the plugin itself
  • the plugin.tests fragment
  • the plugin's runtime library (needed for producing the worksheet's output)
  • an Eclipse feature
  • an Eclipse source feature
  • an Eclipse update-site

The projects can readily be imported inside Eclipse. Additionally, you have maven pom files based on Tycho, enabling command line builds.



Simply run the ./ script.

The worksheet build is based on plugin-profiles and can be built against several versions of the IDE, Eclipse and Scala compiler.

Launching the script will exand to the following Maven command:

mvn -Peclipse-indigo,scala-2.10.x,scala-ide-stable clean install

You can choose a different profile for any of the three axis: eclipse platform, Scala version and Scala IDE stream. Read here for more details.

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