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SAS Viya Administration Resource Kit (SAS Viya ARK)

SAS Viya ARK provides interoperating tools and utilities to help SAS customers prepare for a SAS® Viya® deployment.


SAS Viya ARK is a collection of resources to automate and streamline tasks that are required to prepare an environment for a SAS Viya deployment.

The master branch supports the latest release of SAS Viya.   Visit the releases page for specific information about SAS Viya-ARK and related SAS Viya product releases.

SAS Viya ARK provides the following types of assistance:

  • Pre-deployment assessment and optional configuration
  • Post-deployment automation and utilities
  • Upgrade task automation
  • Infrastructure templates

Prerequisites for SAS Viya ARK

Obtain the latest version of SAS Viya ARK with every new software order.

Each item that is included in the resource kit provides a document that describes its specific prerequisites and functionality.

For example, a functioning Ansible Controller is required to run the Ansible playbooks that are included below in the Pre-installation Playbook section. A list of the available playbooks is provided.

Index of Tools

Tool support for the latest release of SAS Viya:

Related Tools Not Contained in SAS Viya ARK:

Known Support Issues

The following issues are known and may impact the expected usage or performance of the Viya ARK tools.

  • SAS Viya 3.5 supports Linux on Power on a limited availability basis. The SAS Viya ARK tools do not support Linux on Power in the Viya35-ark-1.0 release.
  • Viya ARK Pre-Install Playbook SSL check play may fail to complete if multiple sets of SSL configuration files exist. The playbook will not fail, but subsequent tasks related to SSL Certificate check will be skipped. Workaround the issue by ensuring only one configuration file specifying SSLCertificateFile exist under /etc/[httpd|apache2] root directory.


This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

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