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Classes/Types to read and edit the following file formats:

  • Executable and Linking Format (ELF),
  • Portable Executable (PE) and
  • MachO
  • OAT (Android Runtime)


Install FileBytes

$ python install

Or install with PyPi

$ pip install filebytes


Parsing ELF file

from filebytes.elf import *
elf_file = ELF('test-binaries/ls-x86')

elf_header = elf_file.elfHeader
sections = elf_file.sections
segments = elf_file.segments # elf_file.programHeaders does the same

Parsing PE file

from import *
pe_file = PE('test-binaries/cmd-x86.exe')

image_dos_header = pe_file.imageDosHeader
image_nt_headers = pe_file.imageNtHeaders
sections = pe_file.sections
data_directory = pe_file.dataDirectory

import_directory = data_directory[ImageDirectoryEntry.IMPORT]
export_directory = data_directory[ImageDirectoryEntry.EXPORT]

Parsing MachO file

from filebytes.mach_o import *
macho_file = MachO('test-binaries/ls-macho-x86_64')

mach_header = macho_file.machHeader
load_commands = macho_file.loadCommands

Parsing OAT file, read DEX files and save them

from filebytes.oat import *

oat = OAT('test-binaries/boot.oat')

for odh in oat.oatDexHeader:
    name ='/')[-1]
    with open(name, 'wb') as dex:

For further samples look at the sample folder.


If you would like contribute, here some ideas:

  • Implementation of parsing of missing LoadCommand types for MachO files
  • Implementation of parsing of the missing section types for ELF files
  • Implementation of parsing of the missing data directory fields for PE files

But any kind of contribution is welcome. :)

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