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Effitask is a graphical task manager, based on the todo.txt format.

Supported toto.txt addons:

Hidden features

I tried to develop a clear interface without surprises, but you can easily miss some feature:

  • Double click on a feature, everywhere, open the edit panel;
  • You can create sub-projects (or sub-contexts) by adding a backslash. For example, the project +work\admin\automation create this arborescence:
  • Double click on a project/context select all there sub-projects/contexts, therefore show their tasks;
  • The project/context tooltip (keep your mouse pointer on the name) display done tasks and total tasks number, including sub-projects/contexts (also showed as progress bar);
  • Press enter in the "subject" input in the edit panel validate modification.


Packaging status

If you use Arch Linux, effitask is available in AUR.


Compiling effitask requires rust. I recommend to use rustup.

You also need gtk+ 3.0 on your system. Depending of your distribution, run:

apt install libgtk-3-dev # debian
pacman -S gtk3 # archlinux
git clone
cd effitask
sudo make install


This program is designed to be used as add-on. Install it as others add-ons:

mkdir ~/.todo.actions.d
ln -s /usr/bin/effitask ~/.todo.actions.d/et et

You can use it as standalone program by defining some environment variables:

export TODO_DIR="$HOME/.local/opt/share/todo"
export TODO_FILE="$TODO_DIR/todo.txt"
export DONE_FILE="$TODO_DIR/done.txt"



As you can see above, effitask reuse todo.txt environment variables for configuration.

  • TODO_DIR: your todo.txt directory
  • TODO_FILE: your todo.txt location
  • DONE_FILE: your done.txt location
  • TODO_NOTES_DIR: directory for notes, $TODO_DIR/notes by default
  • TODO_NOTE_EXT: extension for note files, .txt by default
  • TODO_NOTE_TAG: tag name to add to task description, note by default

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