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Micro Starter

A Node microservice starter kit

Basic starter kit for a Node microservice using Micro and other modern JS-y things.

[Deprecated] Since micro v8 was released, the recommended dev setup is micro-dev. Good job team Zeit!

XO code style npm npm

What do I get

  • Micro for no fluff HTTP serving
  • Webpack for bundling with ES7 syntax
  • Jest for speedy and easy to write tests
  • XO for no fuss linting
  • Development setup including file watching and server restarting for happy devs

Tell me more


yarn global add micro-starter
micro-start my-app-name # create a new project directory ready for microservicing


  • yarn dev: Run development server to watch your files
  • yarn build: Build for production
  • yarn start: Run application


  • yarn test:spec: Run tests with Jest
  • yarn test:lint: Lint your code with XO
  • yarn test: Run it all


Use build/env.js for env vars in development but don't check it into source control! You can keep build/env.example.js updated with the dummy environmental requirements of your app for other devs.

Use micro-starter?

Let people know on your readme! made with micro-starter

[![made with micro-starter](](


Please open issues/PRs. Thanks.

Happy microservicing.

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