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TypeScript Standard Template Library

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npm install --save tstl

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Implementation of STL (Standard Template Library) in TypeScript.

  • Containers
  • Iterators
  • Algorithms
  • Functors

TSTL is an open-source project providing features of STL, migrated from C++ to TypeScript. You can enjoy the STL's own specific containers, algorithms and functors in the JavaScript. If TypeScript, you also can take advantage of type restrictions and generic programming with the TypeScript.

Below components are list of provided objects in the TSTL. If you want to know more about the TSTL, then please read the Guide Documents.






NPM Module

Installing TSTL in NodeJS is very easy. Just install with the npm

# Install TSTL from the NPM module
npm install --save tstl


import std from "tstl";

function main(): void
    const map: std.TreeMap<number, string> = new std.TreeMap();

    map.emplace(1, "First");
    map.emplace(4, "Fourth");
    map.emplace(5, "Fifth");
    map.set(9, "Nineth");

    for (let it = map.begin(); !it.equals(map.end()); it =
        console.log(it.first, it.second);

    const it: std.TreeMap.Iterator<number, string> = map.lower_bound(3);
    console.log(`lower bound of 3 is: ${x.first}, ${x.second}`);


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