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It is cold, but · we have Sake · and the hot spring

Sake is a build tool and task runner for JavaScript. Sake features an extensible core and support for modern JS. Inspired by Cake, Sake is the perfect DSL for building projects.


  • Additional helpers to make writing tasks faster and more pleasant.
  • Generator based-control flow in tasks with full support for Promises.
  • Intutive CLI and automatic option parsing.
  • Plugin architecture with available plugins for many common build tasks.
  • Tasks can declare dependencies and be easily composed of and interact with other tasks.
  • Modern JS support:
    • Async/Await
    • ES modules
    • Generators
    • Promises


npm install sake-core --save-dev


Typically Sake is used via it's command line interface which can be installed with npm install -g sake-cli. Once the sake command is available, you can begin writing a Sakefile and defining available tasks in your project.


Sake will search for a Sakefile with tasks defined for your current project. Sakefiles can be written in ES2015 JavaScript and support modules natively.

Optionally, you can write your Sakefile in CoffeeScript, which allows a very nice DSL-ish experience.


Async tasks

Async tasks are easy to declare, any task with an obvious callback will be treated as asynchronous. Add an additional argument called callback, cb, done or next and use it to indicate when your task is finished executing.

task 'compile:js', 'compile js', (done) ->
  exec 'coffee -bc', done

task 'minify:js',   'minify js', (done) ->
  exec 'uglify-js --compress --mangle app.js > app.min.js', done

Promise tasks

You can also return a promise from your task and sake will automatically wait for it to resolve. Since executive returns a promise, this works too:

task 'compile:js', 'compile js', ->
  exec 'coffee -bc'

Invoking multiple tasks

You can manually invoke tasks and string them together with callbacks:

task 'build', 'build project', ->
  invoke 'compile:js', ->
    invoke 'minify:js'

Declaring dependencies

Dependencies can be declared by adding an array of task names after your task's description.

task 'build', 'build project', ['compile:js', 'minify:js']

Serial tasks

You can also pass an array of tasks invoke and it will execute them in order for you:

task 'build', 'build project', (done) ->
  invoke ['compile:js', 'minify:js'], done

...or more explicitly using invoke.serial.

Parallel tasks

If you want to execute tasks in parallel you can use invoke.parallel.

task 'compile', 'compile css & js', (done) ->
  invoke.parallel ['compile:css', 'compile:js'], done

Detecting running tasks

You can check for running tasks using the running helper.

task 'watch', 'watch for changes and re-compile js', ->
  exec 'coffee -bcmw -o lib/ src/'

task 'watch:test', 'watch for changes and re-run tests', (options) ->
  invoke 'watch'

  require('vigil').watch __dirname, (filename, stats) ->
    return if running 'test'

    if /^test/.test filename
      invoke 'test', test: filename
    if /^src/.test filename
      invoke 'test'

Generator tasks

You can also use yield to wait for the value of a promise and eschew the use of callbacks.

task 'compile:js', 'compile js', ->
  yield exec 'coffee -bc'

task 'minify:js',   'minify js', ->
  yield exec 'uglify-js --compress --mangle app.js > app.min.js'

This really pays dividends with more complicated tasks:

task 'package', 'Package project', ->
  yield exec '''
    mkdir -p dist
    rm   -rf dist/*

  yield exec.parallel '''
    cp manifest.json dist
    cp -rf assets    dist
    cp -rf lib       dist
    cp -rf views     dist

  yield exec '''
    zip -r dist
    rm -rf dist

Using Sake with Cake

You can upgrade any Cakefile into a Sakefile by requiring sake-core at the top of your Cakefile.


You can peruse Sake's Sakefile for a real world example.



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