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Sorting Visualizer

Responsive visualizer built using React for popular algorithms

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This repo is an attempt to help in learning popular sorting algorithms by visualization

Helps to

  • understand the working of sorting algorithm
  • check total swaps required
  • check total comparisions
  • compare algorithms side by side
  • know the time taken (time is just an approximate unit for comparision)


  • Sort any given array of 3 digits positive integers
  • Alter the speed of execution
  • Start, pause and reset the execution
  • Generate random array of numbers of sorting


Features built using

  • Animations are done using pure CSS and uses FLIP principle
  • Flex is used for array display and manipulation of positions (flex order property)
  • JavaScript async generators are used heavily for the controlled execution of algorithms

Run in your local

  • git clone
  • npm install (after navigating inside the directory)
  • npm run dev

Contributing Guide

If you want to contribute, improve or fix bugs in this repo, then check out the Contributing Guide


This repository is MIT licensed. Read more

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