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How it works

How Saasify Works

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Here is a live SaaS API and marketing site by Sindre Sorhus that was auto-generated with Saasify from this source code.

We make it really simple to "saasify" your own projects like this one.

Why Saasify?

We built Saasify as an ideal solution for makers who want to earn passive income from their side projects.

The only real way to validate a SaaS idea is to ship an MVP and get real customers paying for it. That's why Saasify allows you to quickly ship a quality MVP and start monetizing in minutes instead of months. ✈️

We've helped dozens of SaaS products get off the ground by enabling them to focus only on their unique value proposition instead of SaaS boilerplate. 🔥

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What can be monetized using Saasify?

Any externally hosted REST API can be monetized via Saasify. We also provide built-in support for monetizing serverless functions.

Some example use cases include:

  • Workflow automation (headless chrome / bots)
  • Image & media processing tasks
  • Data transformations
  • Low/no-code workflows
  • Pre-built machine learning models
  • Your NPM module or PyPi package?

Have an idea that you'd like to monetize, but not sure where to start? Feel free to connect on our open Slack. ✌️


  • 💰 SaaS is a proven and very profitable business model
  • ⚡️️ Quick & easy to setup your own monetizable APIs
  • 🔥 Every API comes with its own customizable marketing site
  • 💯 Built with JS/TS + AWS Lambda + Stripe
  • 🤖 We handle all docs, hosting, billing, and accounts for you
  • 🚀 Our CLI makes it really easy to get started

Getting Started

Visit the quick start guide to get started or check out our list of SaaS use cases and examples to get inspired.



MIT © Saasify

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