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An innovative Blockchain Protocol Platform, which everyone can deploy their own applications quickly and easily, such as Dapp, DeFi, DAO, Cross-Blockchain transactions, etc.
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Monero: the secure, private, untraceable cryptocurrency
Awesome Blockchains3,619
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A collection about awesome blockchains - open distributed public databases w/ crypto hashes incl. git ;-). Blockchains are the new tulips :tulip::tulip::tulip:. Distributed is the new centralized.
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Nano is digital money
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A simplified blockchain implementation in Golang
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A complete course for learning Bitcoin programming and usage from the command
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Just a really simple, insecure and incomplete implementation of a blockchain for a cryptocurrency made in Python as educational material. In other words, a simple Bitcoin clone.
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A highly flexible blockchain architecture with great transaction performance.
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General purpose library for the EOSIO blockchain.
Btc Rpc Explorer1,163
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Database-free, self-hosted Bitcoin explorer, via RPC to Bitcoin Core.
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Blockchain Transactions Investigation Tool



Orbit is designed to explore network of a blockchain wallet by recursively crawling through transaction history. The data is rendered as a graph to reveal major sources, sinks and suspicious connections.

Note: Orbit only runs on Python 3.2 and above.


Let's start by crawling transaction history of a wallet

python3 orbit.py -s 1AJbsFZ64EpEfS5UAjAfcUG8pH8Jn3rn1F

Crawling multiple wallets is no different.

python3 orbit.py -s 1AJbsFZ64EpEfS5UAjAfcUG8pH8Jn3rn1F,1ETBbsHPvbydW7hGWXXKXZ3pxVh3VFoMaX

Orbit fetches last 50 transactions from each wallet by default, but it can be tuned with -l option.

python3 orbit.py -s 1AJbsFZ64EpEfS5UAjAfcUG8pH8Jn3rn1F -l 100

Orbit's default crawling depth is 3 i.e. it fetches the history of target wallet(s), crawls the newly found wallets and then crawls the wallets in the result again. The crawling depth can be increased or decresead with -d option.

python3 orbit.py -s 1AJbsFZ64EpEfS5UAjAfcUG8pH8Jn3rn1F -d 2

Wallets that have made just a couple of interactions with our target may not be important, Orbit can be told to crawl top N wallets at each level by using the -t option.

python3 orbit.py -s 1AJbsFZ64EpEfS5UAjAfcUG8pH8Jn3rn1F -t 20

If you want to view the collected data with a graph viewer of your choice, you can use -o option.

python3 orbit.py -s 1AJbsFZ64EpEfS5UAjAfcUG8pH8Jn3rn1F -o output.graphml

Support Formats

  • graphml (Supported by most graph viewers)
  • json (For raw processing)

This is your terminal dashboard.



Once the scan is complete, the graph will automatically open in your default browser. If it doesn't open, open quark.html manually. Don't worry if your graph looks messy like the one below or worse.


Select the Make Clusters option to form clusters using community detection algorithm. After that, you can use Color Clusters to give different colors to each community and then use Spacify option to fix overlapping nodes & edges.


The thickness of edges depends on the frequency of transactions between two wallets while the size of a node depends on both transaction frequency and the number of connections of the node.

As Orbit uses Quark to render the graph, more information about the various features and controls is available in Quark's README.

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