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Receive notifications from Synology and forward them to the notification service of your choice

Supported notification services

  • Slack

Service settings

Settings are supplied by setting environment variables

  • API_KEY: A minimum of 32 character api key that Synology server needs to use to auth to this services api
  • LISTEN_PORT: Default 8080. The port the service will listen on

Slack settings

  • SLACK_WEBHOOK: URL for the Slack web hook
  • SLACK_ATTACHMENT_COLOR: Color to use for the attachments can use hex #36a64f


export API_KEY='LO45UXS%amLAWJn6CwJ1koaXW&7pY9#Z'
listening on port 8080


docker run -e API_KEY='LO45UXS%amLAWJn6CwJ1koaXW&7pY9#Z' -e SLACK_WEBHOOK='' -p 8080:8080 ryancurrah/synology-notifications:latest
listening on port 8080

Setting up Synology

  1. Login to Diskstation
  2. Go to Control Pannel > Notification > SMS
  3. Check Enable SMS Notifications
  4. Click Add SMS Provider to create a new SMS provider which will be the synology-notifications service. (NOTE: We will not actually be using SMS)
    1. Provider Name: synology-notifications
    2. SMS URL: http://<ip address of synology-notifications service>:8080
    3. HTTP Method: POST
  5. Click Next to go to the Edit HTTP Request Header page
  6. Click Add and set the Parameter to api_key and leave Value empty
  7. Click Next to go to the Edit HTTP Request Body page
  8. Click Add and set the Parameter to phone_number and leave Value empty (NOTE: Synology requires this field to exist even though it's not used)
  9. Click Add and set the Parameter to message set the Value to Hello world (NOTE: Synology requires a sample value)
  10. Click Next to go to the Select the corrosponding category for each parameter page
  11. Set the type of the api_key Parameter to API Key
  12. Set the type of the phone_number Parameter to Phone Number
  13. Set the type of the message Parameter to Message content
  14. Click Apply
  15. Select synology-notifications from the SMS service provider dropdown
  16. In the API Key field paste the API Key you choose for the service
  17. Click Apply
  18. Test the notification service by clicking Send a test SMS message

Setting up Synology with screenshots

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

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