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Video to Chars

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Convert video to character art animation.



Install video2chars:

pip install video2chars

If you're using an old version of pip, maybe you should add --prefer-binary to make things go right(or upgrade your pip first):

pip install video2chars --prefer-binary

This tool relies on imageio-ffmpeg, but only the binary version of imageio-ffmpeg contains the ffmpeg binary. if pip choose the source version, problem will occurs.


video2chars --chars_width 120 --t_end 10 path/of/video_file

The command shows that the specified video will be converted to an ascii art animation with the width of 120, and only convert the first 10 seconds. you'll see a file named output.mp4 in your current directory when completes, have fun ~

p.s. it's a bit slow, turn down the width and fps, to speed up the conversion.

Check video2chars --help for more information.


【Python】字符动画 - 极乐净土

Old version

video2chars - v0.3

  1. shell version demo: bad-apple-chars-gif

  2. html version demo: bad-apple-html-gif


Shell Version(in Chinese): 视频转字符动画-Python-60行代码

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