Get started right. Become a shell native. This is the way.
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Full Stack Fastapi Postgresql12,908
22 days ago230mitPython
Full stack, modern web application generator. Using FastAPI, PostgreSQL as database, Docker, automatic HTTPS and more.
Datasette8,2833514811 days ago133April 27, 2023541apache-2.0Python
An open source multi-tool for exploring and publishing data
12 hours ago314gpl-2.0C++
Easy to use open source fast database for search | Good alternative to Elasticsearch now | Drop-in replacement for E in the ELK soon
Uvicorn Gunicorn Fastapi Docker2,288
3 months ago40mitPython
Docker image with Uvicorn managed by Gunicorn for high-performance FastAPI web applications in Python with performance auto-tuning. Optionally with Alpine Linux.
5 months ago64mitJavaScript
A tool to quickly mock out end points, setup delays and more...
Vault Ui1,29915 years ago3October 04, 201750otherJavaScript
Vault-UI — A beautiful UI to manage your Vault, written in React
4 months agoagpl-3.0JavaScript
API For Docker 一个基于多种编程语言开源免费不限制提供生活常用,出行服务,开发工具,金融服务,通讯服务和公益大数据的平台.
a month ago11apache-2.0JavaScript
A semantic JSON compare tool
a day ago3apache-2.0C++
C++ Discord API Bot Library - D++ is Lightweight and scalable for small and huge bots!
5 days ago11otherC
Store and access data published by OwnTracks apps
Alternatives To Boost
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Linux Terminal Beginner Boost

Get started right. Become a shell native. Here’s what we’ll learn:

  1. RWX Learning Method
  2. Docker for Developers
  3. Leveraging Linux Containers
  4. Linux Bash Command Line
  5. Bash Scripting with Vim
  6. Screen and TMUX Multiplexers
  7. W3M and Lynx Web Browsers
  8. Git, GitHub, and Docker Hub
  9. Data, Markdown, and Pandoc
  10. Go Command Line Programming

This is the way.

Old Boost content is here.


The purpose of the Boost is to help you learn to use your most powerful tech asset: your computer running Linux in a container. There’s no “teaching” going on here, just learning. We will cover what to learn and some suggestions about where and how to learn it. The rest is up to you and the community here to support you, as it should be. Some call this “the hard way,” but really it’s the only way. Learning happens in the lab, not the lecture hall.


Copyright (c) 2021 Robert S. Muhlestein [email protected]
Content released under the Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND)
Code released under the Apache 2.0

Contributors and project participants implicitly accept the Developer Certificate of Authenticity (DCO).

“Beginner Boost” and “Boost” are legal trademarks of Robert S. Muhlestein but can be used freely to refer to the this project rwxrob/boost without limitation. To avoid potential developer confusion, intentionally using these trademarks to refer to other projects — free or proprietary — is prohibited.

The reason for “no derivatives” CC requirement is to preserve the consistency of opinions throughout the content since attribution is required. Without it, forks with changed opinions and resource listings could be purposefully or accidentally taken as the opinions of the original author. This is simply too dangerous to allow. The “no derivatives” clause protects against the inevitable “consensus” problem that plagues community-created content. That said, please reach out by email if you have questions about contributing and collaborating.

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