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DEPRECATED: Use rustwasm/wasm-pack-template for libraries and rustwasm/rust-webpack-template for webapps with webpack.

Rust 🦀 and WebAssembly 🕸 Template 🏗

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This is a template to jump-start your Rust and WebAssembly project and let you hit the ground running.

🛍 What's Inside?

  • ✔ The latest wasm-bindgen for light and seamless bidirectional communication between Rust and JavaScript. Import JavaScript things into Rust and export Rust things to JavaScript.

  • ✔ Boilerplate for builds, optimizing, and post-processing:

    • ✔ Generates the JS interface to your .wasm binary with the appropriate wasm-bindgen invocation.

    • ✔ Runs wasm-opt to shrink the .wasm binary's code size and also speed it up at runtime.

    • ✔ Bundles your JS with Webpack.

  • ✔ Serve your .wasm and JS locally with Webpack's dev-server.

  • ✔ Better debugging with Rust panics forwarded to console.error.

  • ✔ Optionally use wee_alloc as the global allocator, to help keep your code size footprint small.

  • ✔ Boilerplate for writing #[test]s and #[bench]es for the native target.

  • ✔ Travis CI integration already set up. Make sure you never break your tests or your WebAssembly builds.

🤸 Using this Template

First, install cargo-generate:

cargo install cargo-generate

Second, generate a new project with this repository as a template:

cargo-generate --git

Answer the prompts and then you should be good to go! Check out your new for details on building and project organization.

Enabling Travis CI

The Travis CI configuration is 100% pre-configured, and all you need to do is enable CI for the repo on your profile page.

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