Mvc Components Refactoring In Rails

Code examples of MVC components refactoring in Rails from RubyGarage to SitePoint
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Quiz App215
2 years agomitSwift
A repository reflecting the progress made on the "How to Build iOS Apps with Swift, TDD & Clean Architecture" YouTube series, by Caio & Mike.
Book Refactoring 30 Days55
4 years ago2cc-by-sa-4.0Python
看到 code 寫成這樣我也是醉了,不如試試重構?
Refactoring To Rails51
3 years ago3Java
Example of refactoring a Spring/Hibernate application to Rails
8 years agoRuby
5 years ago1February 24, 2016otherPHP
MVC-style refactoring of `get_template_part()` for WordPress.
Mvc Components Refactoring In Rails15
5 years agoRuby
Code examples of MVC components refactoring in Rails from RubyGarage to SitePoint
Java Framework Class14
3 months ago
Java Framework Class(Spring, IBatis, Hibernate, etc) on Daum Track in Jeju National University
Refactor Go Shopping10
4 years agoGo
Refactor Go project from MVC structure to Go structure
125 years ago4January 28, 2014mitPowerShell
Strongly-typed, refactoring-friendly navigation extension methods for ASP.NET MVC.
4 years agoSwift
Movie Info MVVM Start Project
Alternatives To Mvc Components Refactoring In Rails
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How to Refactor MVC Components in Rails?

In the article How to Make MVC Components Skinny in Rails we defined a concrete purpose of each component, what's happening with code when it starts containing redundant logic, and finally figured out the solution that helps make code clear and concise. This solution is refactoring.

Having the solution defined we specified the tools (design patterns) to aid us in the refactoring process, including:

  1. Service Objects (and Interactor Objects)
  2. Value Objects
  3. Form Objects
  4. Query Objects
  5. View Object (Serializer/Presenter)
  6. Policy Objects
  7. Decorators

So, this repo contains specific code examples that represents these seven design patterns for MVC refactoring. To see each design pattern in work you can read the article "7 Design Patterns to Refactor MVC Components in Rails" written for SitePoint.

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