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React pages boilerplate

Cover This boilerplate introduces a simple way for developing serverless React applications, which are perfect for serving from Github Pages.


Getting started

  • Clone git clone or download this repository.
  • (Optional) Run nvm use. This will ensure that you are running the supported version of Node.js. You can nvm installation instructions here.
  • Install dependencies: yarn
  • Run the project: npm start


settings.js file includes all important settings that should be used to setup deployments to gh-pages:

  • title – Base application title
  • cname – Adds CNAME file that allows to use custom domain names with gh-pages
  • repoPath – for react router to recognize gh-pages paths
  • prerenderRoutes – routes that should be prerendered before deploy

npm scripts

  • npm start – starts development server with webpack-dev-server
  • npm test – runs tests with Jest
  • npm run build – builds project to production
  • npm run deploy – builds and deploys project to Github pages
  • npm run lint – lints JavaScript files
  • npm run prettier – format js and jsx files with prettier


See releases section to get information about new cool features added to the project.

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