Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Project Name / sitename.tld

Project description and short intro goes here.


Environment Branch URL Hostname
Production main
Staging staging
Development develop


rtCamp Maintainers:

Name Github Username
Name @github_username

Client Representative: (if any)

Name Github Username
Name @github_username

Development Workflow

Default Branch


Branch naming convention

  • For bug - fix/issue-name For example, fix/phpcs-errors
  • For feature - feature/issue-name For example, feature/add-plugin

Pull Request and issue notes

  • Title should be same as Issue title. Also add issue number before title. For example, GH-3 Setup initial theme.
  • Add proper description.
  • Assign reviewer.
  • Create draft pull request for work in-progress PR and don't add WIP: in PR title.
  • PR should have one approval.


List down tests created for the project and details on how to execute them locally.

  • PHP Unit tests if any.
  • Behat tests if any.
  • GitHub actions/travis/circleci etc. CI test cases if any.


Notes about linting to be followed in project.

Project Management tool details

Add details about JIRA / ActiveCollab / GitHub project in use.

Env/project specific Customization

Example: Plugin settings that need to be updated in dev/staging sites.

Title Name Disable on dev site? Notes
Jetpack by jetpack No Enable Jetpack Dev Mode
AWS SES wp_mail drop-in aws-ses-wp-mail No Check that AWS_SES_MAIL_* constants are not present in wp-config

Repo integrations

Add details of apps and integrations installed for the repo.


Repo Setup Guide

If you are setting up the repo, read:

Skeleton Guide

Please read the skeleton repo guide to understand the structure of repo:

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