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mu4e Dashboard

mu4e dashboard provides a new =mu4e= org link type that allows to execute various mu4e queries when clicked. Such links can be organised into a dashboard, by simply writing an org file as shown below:

Screenshot 1: Full page dashboard


Screenshot 2: Side dashboard


** Installation

Evaluate the buffer and you're good to go. It is your responsibility to write an org file with links pointing to varius queries on your mailboxes.

** Configuration

*** Links

The link syntax is quite intuitive:

#+begin_src org [[mu4e:query|format|count][description]] #+end_src

=query= must be a valid mu4e query and =count= (optional) is the maximum number of results to be returned. When the link is clicked, =mu4e-headers-search= is called with the proper query.

#+begin_src org [[mu4e:flag:unread][All unread]] [[mu4e:flag:unread||10][Last 10 unread]] #+end_src

=format= can be used to specify that =query= results are to be counted in order to update the descritption using the given format:

#+begin_src org [[mu4e:flag:unread|%3d][---]] #+end_src

With the example above, when the link is cliked, the =---= part will be replaced by the number of unread mails.

*** Key bindings

Keybindings can be configured using the =KEYMAP= keyword in your org file:

#+begin_src org #+KEYMAP: key | elisp function #+end_src

For example, if you want to bind =;= to context switch, you would write:

#+begin_src org #+KEYMAP: ; | mu4e-context-switch #+end_src

*** Query test

In the provided [[]], there's a definition for a mu query that can be called directly inside the org file using [[][org-babel]]. This can be convenient if you want to test a query before creating a link. Usage is quite simple:

#+begin_src org #+CALL: query(flag:unread, 10) #+RESULTS: #+end_src

Just type C-c C-c on the call line and you should see query results under the RESULTS line.

** Usage

To activate the dashboard, type =mu4e-dashboard-mode=. This will turn on =mu4e-dashboard-mode= minor mode and install any custom keybindings in the current buffer.

To edit the org file, you'll need to turn off =mu4e-dashboard-mode=.

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