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Lively - Animated Wallpaper System

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Turn Video & GIF Files, Emulators, HTML, Web address & Shaders, Games into Windows desktop wallpaper; Wallpapers will completely pause playback( 0% cpu & gpu usage) when fullscreen application/games are running.


Just drag & drop files, webpages to set as wallpaper..

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Lively is still in development, if you encounter bugs create a github Issue along with log file

Help translate lively to other languages: Translation Files

Full Documentation


Wait a sec, preview gif clips take some time to load.



Foggy Landscape by Tom Fisk

  • Use external codec packs or internal windows codec.
  • Play .mp4, mkv, webm, avi, mov etc
  • Hardware Acceleration support.
  • Audio will mute when not on desktop.

Youtube & streams


  • Just drag & drop youtube link to set as desktop wallpaper.
  • Video quality is adjustable in settings.
  • Additional software required.

Web Pages & html


25th Hour by Loius Coyle

  • Load HTML file or web address as wallpaper.
  • Runs webgl, javascript .. basically anything that works on chrome.
  • Audio Reactive Wallpaper support, create wallpapers that react to system audio
  • Customisation support, documentation.



The Universe Within, The Drive Home by BigWIngs

  • Run GLSL shaders in browser.
  • urls are supported as wallpaper.

Retro Game Emulators


  • Coming soon



  • Can launch Unity & Godot games as wallpaper.
  • Dynamic audio visualisers, 3D scenes..



Nyan cat

  • Make Memes/Cinemagraphs as wallpaper ...

Other Applications

  • Experimentail, works for some.

& more:

  • Easy to use, Just drag & drop media files & webpages into lively window to set it as wallpaper.
  • Real-time customisable web wallpaper support.
  • Easy to share Lively-zip format, just drag & drop the zip file to import it into Library, use the built-in creator to make them (ensures compatibility).
  • Hardware accelerated video playback, with option to use external Directshow codec of your choice. ( LAV(recommended), K-Lite, Kawaii Codec..)
  • Library to browse and preview wallpapers.
  • You can use it alongside rainmeter.
  • Efficient, its a native c# wpf application with c++ calls.
  • Fully opensource & free; no blackmagic, no features behind paywall.

multiple monitor support:

  • Full Multiple monitor support.
  • Span single wallpaper across all screens.
  • Duplicate same wallpaper all screens.
  • Different wallpaper per screens.

Regarding Performance:

  • Wallpaper playback pauses when fullscreen application/games run on the machine (~0% cpu, gpu usage).
  • Optionally you can set wallpaper to only play when on desktop.
  • Application rules: Set wallpaper playback rules based on running foreground application.(like always pause when photoshop is open etc)
  • Based on display(multiple monitor): Pause wallpaper playback per-display(depending on which monitor fullscreen apps/games run) or all display(s).
  • Kill wallpaper when fullscreen apps/games run(coming soon).
  • Mute audio when not on desktop (or optionally always mute).

I'm not officially affiliated with Unity technologies, godot, shadertoy;


Latest version: v0.9.6.0 (Windows 10, 8.1)What's new?

Portable build: Latest Visual C++ Redistributable is required: vc_redist.x86.exe

Installer will give Smartscreen warning, discussion.

Certain antivirus software heuristics algorithm will detect lively as a virus, this is a false positive lively is fully opensource, you are free to inspect the code.

Having trouble?



See github issues.


Code contributions are welcome, check guidelines for making pull request.

Some Lively languages are machine translated,

Help translate lively to other languages: Translation Files

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You can always help development by buying me a cup of coffee(paypal): ko-fi


Lively is licensed under Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL). Individual license of libraries used is found in license file in the source.

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