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Turn Video & GIF Files, Emulators, HTML, Web address & Shaders, Games into Windows desktop wallpaper; Wallpapers will completely pause playback( 0% cpu & gpu usage) when fullscreen application/games are running.

Just drag & drop files, webpages to set as wallpaper..

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Lively is still in development, if you encounter bugs create a github Issue along with log file

Help translate lively to other languages: Translation Files

Lively Documentation


Wait a sec, preview gif clips take some time to load.


Eternal Light by VISUALDON

  • Powered by mpv and vlc player.
  • Customize videos with filters.
  • Hardware Acceleration support.


25th Hour by Loius Coyle

  • Load HTML file or web address as wallpaper.
  • Runs webgl, javascript .. basically anything that works on chrome.
  • Audio Reactive Wallpaper support, create wallpapers that react to system audio
  • Customisation support, documentation.

Video Streams

  • Just drag & drop stream links.
  • Video quality is adjustable in settings.


Heartfelt by BigWIngs

  • Run GLSL shaders in browser.
  • urls are supported as wallpaper.


Nyan cat

  • Make Memes/Cinemagraphs as wallpaper ...

Retro Game Emulators

  • Coming soon

Games & Applications

  • Can set Unity, Godot games and any application as wallpaper.
  • Dynamic audio visualisers, 3D scenes..

& more:

  • Easy to use, Just drag'n'drop media files & webpages into lively window to set it as wallpaper.
  • Hardware accelerated video playback, powered by mpv player.
  • Interactive webgl wallpapers, powered by lightweight chromium engine Cef.
  • Windows 10 fluent design, lively appearance adapts to system theme settings.
  • Efficient, its a native .net core application.
  • Fully opensource & free; no blackmagic, no features behind paywall.


  • Wallpaper playback pauses when fullscreen application/games run on the machine (~0% cpu, gpu usage).
  • Set wallpaper playback rules based on running foreground application.

Multiple monitor support:

  • Full Multiple monitor support.
  • Span single wallpaper across all screens.
  • Duplicate same wallpaper all screens.
  • Different wallpaper per screens.

I'm not officially affiliated with Unity technologies, godot, shadertoy;


Latest version: v1.1.9.4 (Windows 10 1903 or above)What's new?

Installer will give Smartscreen warning, discussion.

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Which version do I download?


See github issues.


Code contributions are welcome, check guidelines for instructions.

Help translate lively to other languages.


You can always help development by buying me a cup of coffee(paypal): ko-fi


Lively v1.0 onwards is licensed under GPL-3.

Previous version is licensed under MS-PL, see v0.9.6.0 branch for working builds.

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