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Prepare your system to be managed by Ansible.

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Example Playbook

This example is taken from molecule/resources/converge.yml and is tested on each push, pull request and release.

- name: Converge
  hosts: all
  become: yes
  gather_facts: no

    - role: robertdebock.bootstrap

Also see a full explanation and example on how to use these roles.

Role Variables

These variables are set in defaults/main.yml:

# defaults file for bootstrap

# The user to use to connect to machines.
bootstrap_user: root

# Do you want to wait for the host to be available?
bootstrap_wait_for_host: no

# The number of seconds you want to wait during connection test before failing.
bootstrap_timeout: 3



This role is a part of many compatible roles. Have a look at the documentation of these roles for further information.

Here is an overview of related roles: dependencies


This role has been tested on these container images:

container tags
amazon Candidate
el 7, 8
debian all
fedora all
opensuse all
ubuntu focal, bionic

The minimum version of Ansible required is 2.10, tests have been done to:

  • The previous version.
  • The current version.
  • The development version.


Some variarations of the build matrix do not work. These are the variations and reasons why the build won't work:

variation reason
alpine:edge Failed to create temporary directory.

If you find issues, please register them in GitHub




I'd like to thank everybody that made contributions to this repository. It motivates me, improves the code and is just fun to collaborate.

Author Information

Robert de Bock

Please consider sponsoring me.

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