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Prepare your system to be managed by Ansible.

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Example Playbook

This example is taken from molecule/default/converge.yml and is tested on each push, pull request and release.

- name: Converge
  hosts: all
  # This role installs packages using the `raw` module and needs to connect as
  # `root`. (`sudo` is not available before bootstrapping.) All tasks in the
  # role have `become` set to `no`, so you can use either `no` or `yes` for
  # `become`, the role will not use become (so `sudo`) for any task.
  become: yes  # `no` will also work.
  # This role installs python, gathering facts can't be done before `python` is
  # installed. This role runs the `setup` module, so facts will be available
  # after running the role.
  gather_facts: no

    - role: robertdebock.bootstrap

Also see a full explanation and example on how to use these roles.

Role Variables

The default values for the variables are set in defaults/main.yml:

# defaults file for bootstrap

# Do you want to wait for the host to be available?
bootstrap_wait_for_host: no

# The number of seconds you want to wait during connection test before failing.
bootstrap_timeout: 3



This role is a part of many compatible roles. Have a look at the documentation of these roles for further information.

Here is an overview of related roles: dependencies


This role has been tested on these container images:

container tags
alpine all
amazon Candidate
el all
debian all
fedora all
opensuse all
ubuntu all

The minimum version of Ansible required is 2.10, tests have been done to:

  • The previous version.
  • The current version.
  • The development version.

If you find issues, please register them in GitHub



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