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A lightweight Python ASGI web server framework (read the docs).


This is a bare ASGI web server framework. The goal is to provide a minimal implementation, with other facilities (serving static files, CORS, sessions, etc.) being implemented by optional packages.

The framework is targeted at micro-services which require a light footprint (in a container for example), or as a base for larger frameworks.

Python 3.8+ is required.

Optional Packages


The framework provides the basic functionality required for developing a web application, including:

  • Http,
  • WebSockets,
  • Routing,
  • Lifecycle,
  • Middleware

Simple Server

Here is a simple server with a request handler that returns some text.

import uvicorn
from bareasgi import Application, HttpRequest, HttpResponse, text_writer

async def example_handler(request: HttpRequest) -> HttpResponse:
    return HttpResponse(
        [(b'content-type', b'text/plain')],
        text_writer('This is not a test')

app = Application()
app.http_router.add({'GET'}, '/', example_handler), port=9009)

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