Serverless Ktp Ocr

Serverless Indonesian Identity E-KTP OCR with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - Cloud Functions, Cloud Storage, and Cloud PubSub
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Serverless Ktp Ocr51
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Serverless Indonesian Identity E-KTP OCR with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - Cloud Functions, Cloud Storage, and Cloud PubSub
3 years ago3June 19, 2020otherGo
An Elastic Beat to ingest data from Google Pub/Sub
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Serverless Indonesian KTP OCR with GCP

This is reproducible work from Ekstraksi Informasi e-KTP dengan Google Cloud Function dan Cloud Vision API. It also contains code fix to match with ES6 compliant module usages.

KTP OCR Architecture

Alt text


  1. Google Cloud Account
  2. gcloud CLI
  3. Create New Google Cloud project gcloud projects create ektp-ocr
  4. Enable Google Cloud Functions gcloud services enable
  5. Enable Google Cloud Storage gcloud services enable gcloud services enable, create bucket name uploaded_ktp
  6. Enable Google Cloud PubSub gcloud services enable, create topic name ektp-text-extracted
  7. Enable Google Cloud Vision this link

How to deploy

  1. Deploy HTTP
$ cd http-ktp
$ npm i
$ gcloud functions deploy http-ktp --entry-point uploadKtp --trigger-http
  1. Deploy KTP Image Event Trigger
$ cd ktp-iamge-event-trigger
$ npm i
$ gcloud functions deploy processImageFromGCSEvent --trigger-resource uploaded_ektp --trigger-event
  1. Deploy Extraction Data
$ gcloud functions deploy extract_ktp --runtime python37 --trigger-topic ektp-text-extracted


View Stackdriver logs from extract-ktp function.

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