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Welcome to ReText!

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ReText is a simple but powerful editor for Markdown and reStructuredText markup languages. One can also add support for custom markups using Python modules.

ReText on Plasma 5 desktop

To install ReText, make sure that you have Python (3.6 or later) installed, and run pip3 install ReText. By default it installs system wide, pass --user for installing into the user’s home directory. You can also manually download the tarball from PyPI.

ReText requires the following Python modules to run (pip will install them automatically):

We also recommend having these packages installed:

  • Markdown — for Markdown support
  • docutils — for reStructuredText support
  • pyenchant — for spell checking support
  • PyQtWebEngine — a more powerful preview engine with JavaScript support

Translation files are already compiled for release tarballs and will be automatically loaded. For development snapshots, compile translations using lrelease locale/*.ts command (on Debian-based systems, lrelease is available in qttools5-dev-tools package). Translation files can also be loaded from /usr/share/retext/ directory.

You can translate ReText into your language on Transifex.

ReText is Copyright 2011–2021 Dmitry Shachnev, 2011–2017 Maurice van der Pot, and is licensed under GNU GPL (v2+) license, the current version is available in LICENSE_GPL file.

ReText icon is based on accessories-text-editor icon from the Faenza theme.

You can read more about ReText in the wiki.

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