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A MongoDB GUI with Fluent Design

License: AGPL 3.0 docker GitHub Actions Codacy Badge Maintainability

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Download ⚡️

Feature 🔮

  • [x] Server or client mode (without Electron, but need Chrome)
  • [x] Edit documents using Monaco Editor with intellisense
  • [x] Designed with Microsoft Fluent UI
  • [x] Mongo Shell compatible data type, eg: ObjectId() ISODate() Timestamp()
  • [x] Find documents with index hint, avoiding slow operation
  • [x] Fancy profiling exec stats
  • [x] Geo preview for 2dsphere index
  • [x] Auto generate JSON Schema Validator
  • [x] Notebook function, just like Jupyter
  • [x] HTTP/2
  • [x] Auto dark mode

Screenshot 📷

Database status Find & sort with index
Geo preview Document mode
Edit with Monaco Editor Dragable multi-selection
Documents export Indexes managment
Analyse profiling Edit JSON Schema
Notebook (Beta) Dark mode

Development 👨‍💻


yarn dev


cd go
go run main.go headless.go

Roadmap 🚧

  • [ ] Role management
  • [ ] Performance moniting
  • [ ] VSCode plugin

Feel free to pull request or create a issue !

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