Reactor Netty

TCP/HTTP/UDP/QUIC client/server with Reactor over Netty
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Jetlinks Community4,729
a day ago12apache-2.0Java
JetLinks 基于Java8,Spring Boot 2.x ,WebFlux,Netty,Vert.x,Reactor等开发, 是一个全响应式的企业级物联网平台。支持统一物模型管理,多种设备,多种厂家,统一管理。统一设备连接管理,多协议适配(TCP,MQTT,UDP,CoAP,HTTP等),屏蔽网络编程复杂性,灵活接入不同厂家不同协议等设备。实时数据处理,设备告警,消息通知,数据转发。地理位置,数据可视化等。能帮助你快速建立物联网相关业务系统。
Reactor3,5535821215 days ago127November 14, 202310apache-2.0
Reactor Bill Of Materials (tracking reactor-core, reactor-netty and more)
Reactor Netty2,42810617614 hours ago104November 14, 202357apache-2.0Java
TCP/HTTP/UDP/QUIC client/server with Reactor over Netty
Netty 4 User Guide Demos1,168
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Netty demos. (Netty 案例大全)
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Simviso Source Code Interpretation Sharing411
3 years agoHTML
simviso 的一系列源码解读分享视频,涉及国外顶级学府课程翻译、国外顶级开发者视频翻译,JDK, Rxjava,Spring Reactor, Netty ,Reactor-Netty ,Spring Webflux 我的目标是将Java的响应式建立起一套学习体系,假如你想深入,可以参考我的视频和后续出版的书籍,同时展现一些我的编程经验,做一个铺路人
a month ago3apache-2.0Java
An Open-Source, Distributed MQTT Broker for IoT.
Reactor Netty Workshop57
12 days ago1Java
Reactor Netty workshop
Petclinic Spring5 Reactive54
6 years agoKotlin
Kotlin/Spring 5 PetClinic application
Jetlinks Docs50
6 months ago4JavaScript
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Reactor Netty

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Reactor Netty

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Reactor Netty offers non-blocking and backpressure-ready TCP/HTTP/UDP/QUIC clients & servers based on Netty framework.

Getting it

Reactor Netty requires Java 8 or + to run.

With Gradle from or Maven Central repositories (stable releases only):

    repositories {
      //maven { url '' }
      maven { url '' }

    dependencies {
      //compile "io.projectreactor.netty:reactor-netty-core:1.1.14-SNAPSHOT"
      compile "io.projectreactor.netty:reactor-netty-core:1.1.13"
      //compile "io.projectreactor.netty:reactor-netty-http:1.1.14-SNAPSHOT"
      compile "io.projectreactor.netty:reactor-netty-http:1.1.13"

See the Reference documentation for more information on getting it (eg. using Maven, or on how to get milestones and snapshots).

Getting Started

New to Reactor Netty? Check this Reactor Netty Workshop and the Reference documentation

Here is a very simple HTTP server and the corresponding HTTP client example

HttpServer.create()   // Prepares an HTTP server ready for configuration
          .port(0)    // Configures the port number as zero, this will let the system pick up
                      // an ephemeral port when binding the server
          .route(routes ->
                      // The server will respond only on POST requests
                      // where the path starts with /test and then there is path parameter
        "/test/{param}", (request, response) ->
                                                     .map(s -> s + ' ' + request.param("param") + '!')
          .bindNow(); // Starts the server in a blocking fashion, and waits for it to finish its initialization
HttpClient.create()             // Prepares an HTTP client ready for configuration
          .port(server.port())  // Obtains the server's port and provides it as a port to which this
                                // client should connect
          .post()               // Specifies that POST method will be used
          .uri("/test/World")   // Specifies the path
          .send(ByteBufFlux.fromString(Flux.just("Hello")))  // Sends the request body
          .responseContent()    // Receives the response body

Getting help

Having trouble with Reactor Netty? We'd like to help!

Reporting Issues

Reactor Netty uses GitHubs integrated issue tracking system to record bugs and feature requests. If you want to raise an issue, please follow the recommendations below:

  • Before you log a bug, please search the issue tracker to see if someone has already reported the problem.
  • If the issue doesn't already exist, create a new issue.
  • Please provide as much information as possible with the issue report, we like to know the version of Reactor Netty that you are using, as well as your Operating System and JVM version.
  • If you want to raise a security vulnerability, please review our Security Policy for more details.


See our Contributing Guide for information about contributing to Reactor Netty.

Building from Source

You don't need to build from source to use Reactor Netty (binaries in, but if you want to try out the latest and greatest, Reactor Netty can be easily built with the gradle wrapper. You also need JDK 1.8.

$ git clone
$ cd reactor-netty
$ ./gradlew build

If you want to publish the artifacts to your local Maven repository use:

$ ./gradlew publishToMavenLocal




Reactor Netty is Open Source Software released under the Apache License 2.0

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