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Hey Athena

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Your personal voice assistant. Written in Python.

"Hey Athena" is a 100% open-source, modular voice assistant framework. We aim to do everything that Siri, Cortana, and Echo can do - and more.

| Website: | Documentation: | Forum: | GitHub:

Usage Examples:

Say "Athena" (wait for double beep) then...

  • "Play some music"
  • "Text [Joe] [Wow, Hey Athena is so cool!]"
  • "Tweet [Hello world!]" (IFTTT key required)
  • "Define [artificial intelligence]"
  • "Show me pictures of [Taj Mahal]"
  • "Open"

Write a simple "module" to control your house with your voice. See documentation:

Don't like the name "Athena"? Change it to anything you want, like "Joe" or "Swagger Bot".

Module Ideas

  • Smart-Home Control

    • Power Outlets (Hook) <>_

    • Thermostat (Nest) <>_

  • IFTTT Recipes <>_ (use Maker channel <>_ to trigger)

  • Grades/Homework Assignments (see Canvas <>_)

  • Cooking Recipe Assistant (hands-free)

  • Facebook, Twitter, GMail

  • Timer/Stopwatch

  • Calendar

  • Games (Zork, etc.)

  • Robot Movement

If you create a module, submit a pull request! We'd love to add it to the repository. You can also email it to [email protected]


Hey Athena is just getting started. We plan to build an open-source community built around a quality voice assistance framework. Here are some features you can expect to see in the future:

  • Bigger Community: we are working on building a bigger open-source community
  • Passive Modules: useful for voice/text notifications (e.g. - "You have an important unread email from Professor Valvano")
  • Module Database: developers will be able to easily create and submit modules for other people to use
  • Machine Learning: we are looking into libraries like Scikit <>_ to help Athena learn how to respond better
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): we are constantly working on improving NLP techniques with services like <>_


We are currently developing a cloud-hosted RESTful API (JSON) service. Users will be able to send HTTP requests and receive a voice/text JSON response.


Future: HTTP GET{api_key}/q=list%20bitcoin%20price

Response: {"success": true, "response": "359.7", "intent": "bitcoin"}

How can I make my own Athena?

  • Download and install Hey Athena using the directions below
  • Write your own modules so Athena can respond to different commands
  • Install Hey Athena on a Raspberry Pi to turn your house into a smart-home with voice control


For installation notes, please use:

How can I help?

  • Write modules and contribute them by submitting a pull request to this repository
  • Find errors and post issues
  • If you modify the framework software, submit a pull request
  • Give feedback and help us build a community!

Core Dependencies

  • Python 3
  • Pocketsphinx (SWIG required in your PATH during installation)
  • SpeechRecognition
  • Pyglet (AVBin required)
  • PyAudio
  • gTTS
  • PyYAML
  • Selenium

Active Modules

An active module is simply a collection of tasks. Tasks look for patterns in user text input (generally through "regular expressions"). If a pattern is matched, the task executes its action. Note: module priority is taken into account first, then task priority.

.. code:: python

File Name:
Finds and returns the latest bitcoin price

Usage Examples:
- "What is the price of bitcoin?"
- "How much is a bitcoin worth?"

from athena.classes.module import Module
from athena.classes.task import ActiveTask
from athena.api_library import bitcoin_api

class GetValueTask(ActiveTask):

	def __init__(self):
		# Matches any statement with the word "bitcoin"

	# This default match method can be overridden
	# def match(self, text):
	#    # "text" is the STT translated input string
	#    # Return True if the text matches any word or pattern
	#    return self.match_any(text)

	def action(self, text):
		 # If 'bitcoin' was found in text, speak the bitcoin price
		bitcoin_price = str(bitcoin_api.get_data('last'))

# This is a bare-minimum module
class Bitcoin(Module):

	def __init__(self):
		tasks = [GetValueTask()]
		super().__init__('bitcoin', tasks, priority=2)

Passive Modules

(soon-to-be implemented)

  • Passive modules will be collections of scheduled/event-triggered tasks
  • Useful for notifications (e.g. - Twitter, Facebook, GMail updates)

Athena APIs

An "Api" object is simply a separate library of functions for "Modules" to use. Athena stores a library of "Api" objects during runtime. Moreover, "Api" objects make it easy to load user configuration data at runtime. This is useful if your modules require username/password authentication (e.g. - logging into Spotify)

| Usage example: | from athena.apis import api_lib | api_lib['your_api_handle'].your_awesome_func()

Common Errors

| Error: "no module named athena" | Fix: Make sure the athena project directory is in your PYTHONPATH | | Error: "AVbin is required to decode compressed media" | Fix: Pyglet needs the avbin.dll file to be installed. On Windows, sometimes the file is wrongfully placed in System32 instead of SysWOW64. | | Other errors can be found by searching the issues on our GitHub page.

.. |Travis Build| image:: :target: .. |PyPI version| image:: :target: .. |GitHub license| image:: :target:

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